Mold Inspection Software

What mold inspection software do you use?

What mold inspection checklist do you use?

What mold inspection field assessment form do you use?

I use a modified version of the HomeGauge template. I then print everything to PDF format and then send it into Adobe Acrobat 8 and merge my report with the lab report. I also include a PDF of EPA publications.

Ever try the mold inspection report software from Porter Valley?

Already created a new library for mold inspection using inspectvue 4. Based on ieso standards. Done

I have it on my desktop computer and really don’t like it all that much. I know how to tweek my HomeGauge templates to work to my best advantage. I have mine set up so that the IAC2 SOP is included in all the respective sections like the InterNACHI template.

I have it and have used it but Home Guage is ***MUCH ***easier and hassle free. Porter Valley was a waste of time and money.

Yeah. Porter valley has a great product, but it requires a lot of editing. It was easier to start with a blank library and create what I want. I’m a control freak. I would have butchered all the included narratives and inasmuch’s out of it anyway. No way am I going to spend money for something extra like that.

I just got HomeGauge, and going to try to use it with a Pocket PC while peforming mold inspections.

I think you will agree with all that the HG is very versatile for mold reports as well. I got my copy of the mold report from russel before it was published. I’ve had it a couple years now and love it. I was kind of a BETA test LOL unbeknownst to me.

Home Guage is just easy to edit and adjust to your situation whereas with Porter Valley you just don’t have the capability to edit your template.