inspection report form

hi,guys I am new in this industry.I have some questions.I hope you guys can help me out,thanks.
1.Usually,what kind of report form do you guys use ?
2.I just completed my 4 mock inspection. Can I start my first home inspection for a fee or I have to wait InterNACHI’s Report Review Committee’s approval .


I use HomeGauge reports.

You do not have to belong to INACHI to do inspections, this is a vendor trade association-----:lol:

Down load a free trial of Home Inspector pro from my personal signature below.

It is easy to use , and looks great.

Call me, Billy DeVries and I are doing an 18 story apartment building on Tue. Oct. 7th If you would like to tag along it won’t be a problem, and I can give you a Trial CD of Home Gauge software!

I would find a NACHI inspector in your area that would be willing to take you along on a ride along, this way you can see ho a inspection is preformed and also the inspector will help and point out where you are laacking in education as well.
It could be worth your while to do this a few times to get the feel and bugs worked out before you do an inspection on your own and miss something.
If you cant find anyone call me and I’ll setup a time to get you on an inspection with me hope this helps
647 217 8473

Interesting, no call. I would have jumped all over this offer!

hi,mario and william, i was just back to here because I was sick and stayed in hosiptal for a day.
I missed your message and I regretted I would missed this great opportunity that you offered to me.Your guys are so kind.
I will call u if i need help.


You would be wise to look at a variety of report systems. Personally speaking if you are a novice, you should consider a true and tested reporting system such as Carson Dunlops Home Reference Report or their web based reporting system Horizon.