opinion on best inspection forms to use?

I am new to the business and need to order inspection forms. I was not overly impressed with the matrix inspection form as it seems to me to be difficult to read and has too many items that are not relevant to the majority of inspections. Any advise on a proffesional form that is more user friendly for the client as well as the inspector.

Checklist (Matrix) are a thing of the past. My opinion is that a computer generated narrative is the only way to go.

Many are out there. Below are 2 of the best.



www.professionalequipment.com They have a few different forms you can buy but I agree with Chris, computer generated reports with photos are the way to go.


What state are you in? A state like Texas solves the problem for you by requiring a certain form be used.

How does the computer programs work exactly? Do you print a form to use for your inspection and then transpose the info on your computer so you can send the client the results via e-mail. I hate to sound stupid when it comes to computers but I am not familar with the latest technology. I also need an inexpensive way to go until I am established.
The state I live in is Florida.

Here’s one: :roll::-;;:-k:lol:

I believe I used a similar form in earlier days evaluation potential wives Larry. :smiley:

That is one way to do it John. I believe there are other forms available also that you can use.


I use Home Inspector Pro.

You can either print a blank sheet and take notes there or bring a laptop on site and simply enter the info directly into the software.

Get up on the latest technology - get a free trial from software companies and play with it.

I agree with the others - you don’t want to hand your client a hand written checklist.

From the Home of Old Fashion Fellow, I have turned in my Home made templates and traded in for HIP.
Wonderful program and still an apprentice to the use of it, but learning.

See it here;
Home Inspector Pro.

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HomeGauge came out with some really cool new features today that Mr. Elliott is ignoring.:-$:-;;:mrgreen:

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Yea thats pretty funny for you guys not in CA…

If you’re referring to the cell phones, agents can already view HIP reports on their cell phones. We’ve been doing it for a year. Our entire site has a special cell phone only version.

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John, try this, http://www.reporthost.com/ . No programs to buy, you pay for each report you do. Good for just starting out.


I agree that a typed narrative report is the way to go. I use HomeGuage software with a handheld computer during the inspection. I have modified the template to allow for a combination check list and narrative format.

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