Home Inspection Business Regulation Project Advisor speaking at Convention.

I am very pleased to announce that Brock Ketcham, Project Advisor, Consumer Services Branch, Service Alberta in Edmonton will by flying in to attend NACHI’s Convention in Toronto on the 17th and staying until Saturday the 19th.

He will be giving us a status update on Alberta’s Home Inspection Business Regulation Project, the first Provincial government to address the topic of home inspector licensing in Canada.

His presentation will be at 11 am on Friday the 18th in the Donald Sutherland Room #2.

Please join us then for this discussion and join me now in welcoming Mr. Ketcham.

Nick would you happen to know if Mr Ketcham would be able to meet with some of us privately before or after his talk?

This is Great information and I thank Mr. Ketcham for doing this.

I would be most interested to see a round table with a moderator to be able to sit and have a discussion with some of the established Home inspectors and Government leaders.

Roy Cooke

I would be happy to fill Mr. Ketcham in on the background of the issues facing home inspectors and licencing as a senior inspector with over 15 years in the biz in Ontario.

Vern, are you coming to the convention, and would you be interested in meeting with Mr. Ketcham, perhaps you already know one another?

I think all Alberta HI’s should be included in this type of discussion. I would be more then happy to be there.


Allan, who else do you know that is coming from your province?

At this time I’m not sure of how many. I know that when I spoke wih Vern, he was coming, but other then that, couldn’t tell you.
Not sure if Dee would have that info or not.
I know this type of meeting would be informational for all sides and could definetly have a bearing on what goes on with the National Certification as to conflicting regulations.

Thanks Allan.


We have quite a few other Canadian government officials attending.

Nick can you email me privately those names. Particularly the ones from Ontario?




Okay thanks Nick, I think I know why. :wink: Wink wink, nudge, nudge, say no more. :wink:

I will there from Alberta. I have heard Mr. Ketcham speak a couple of times before. It is great news to ALL Alberta inspectors that he is speaking to NACHI members. :smiley:

Just read the above. There are five members from Alberta that I know of that will be attending. I hope more will attend. Brocks attendence and talk will certainly be an incentive for more to attend. If they wish to identify themselves that is their decision.

Mr. Ketcham is a scheduled speaker, so we were able to announce him. We don’t have the right to announce mere attendees. I will say that every major real estate brokerage in Canada has representation at the Convention, so bring your business cards… it’s going to be networking heaven!