Ontario licensing update at InspectorBoost Toronto meeting. Be there!


Thanks Nick. I will be there and look forward to that particular discussion.

Just got my ticket, looking forward to it.

Hi Nick, See you at Inspector Boost, should I be looking at a CMI application in the meantime?

I would not become a CMI in hopes that ON will grandfather CMIs like Alberta did. Keep your $ until we see how things play out.

You might consider becoming a CMI for other reasons, but not for ON licensing… yet.

Agreed Nick!
I would love to be there to see you guys but circumstances does not allow me.

Just got 2 tickets ordered, see you there Nick!

Rafael Tyszler
Certified Inspector

I’m a new member of NACHI and of course very interested in the topic. Unfortunately I can’t make the seminar so I would appreciate someone posting or emailing me a summory of the topic. geoff@citadelhomeinspections.ca.


With the announcement about Dalton and the possibility of an election, it seems quite possible that more changes will take place.

I would consider this as putting the hype about the potential for regulation or licensing of Ontario home inspectors aside until things getting sorted out at the top.

I have been able to make arrangements for this very important event. We also plan to meet in the afternoon for OntarioAchi members. Unlike Claude I don’t feel what has happened will change any plans for Licensing so we are going to step up a notch.
See you all at the Market Workshop.

Hey Kevin, Send me a message with details in regards to your afternoon meeting. I will be in Toronto sometime that afternoon. Send me an email and I will be sure to get it. Thanks

On its way!

From Roy’s post -

This setback will only be that, a temporary setback but it will no doubt be back on the ticket. See you tomorrow all.


During the Alberta advisory committee studying HI regulation we had a change of premiers, change of ministers followed by an election and another change of ministers. If the PC’s were voted out the HI study may have changed but they were re-elected thus the study continued. If the administration has started their research it will continue regardless of the statues of the government.

Charles just represented us very well on the CTV news program.

Very well done Charles! You have represented us well. I like how you explained to people where to look and what not to look for. I think you should also make it well known what happens when licensing is put in place but I think everyone of the stake holders involved is pointing the Government to look into the pitfalls of improper regulating without the proper input from Professional Inspectors whether they are from InterNachi or any other association.
We are shooting for higher education as a must but licensing as Nick pointed out is not going to help Inspectors and will just mean everyone will have one.
The Marketing is what will keep the HI from starving and part of that is showing what you have been trained to do.