Home Inspection Report Release Form

Does anyone have a form I can use to send to client/ buyer that has walked away from the deal and the seller wants a copy of the report.?/ Client says she will sign it. Just need a form. Not sure why client can not just forward it herself.

Neither do I. If you haven’t already I would ask them to, or tell seller to ask the buyer for a copy.

Tell buyer in an email (writing) that she is free to provide a copy of it to the seller of it if she wants to, but that the report is hers and she is under no obligation to do so.

Maybe the seller should get a pre listing inspection instead of expecting a free report that your client paid good money for…

That too. :slight_smile:

Here ya go: www.nachi.org/survey.htm

Gives you permission to discuss the report with others named by the client. You can just scribble "… and provide them with a copy of the report." to the document.