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I use the NACHI Fetchreport system to send inspection reports to my customers. I like the ability to see how many times the report has been downloaded.

It hit an all time high with 33 downloads for a single report. When I see the download approach about 10 - 15 I contact my customer just to alert them and find out if they are aware. Very rarely are they concerned. They are pleased with the system and like flexibility to be able to share password. I think I had one or two that were concerned and I reissued new password.

I would like to see the email ID of the person downloading. Because I think most of the download are from the agents.

With that many download it’s great exposure. I had several referrals from the Fetch report system this way.

If you use Fetch report or similar system what’s you average download and record download.

Very interesting, thanks for the observation. I agree, having the email address of the person who downloaded the report could be valuable.

I have used FetchReport for 3 years and love it. Agree would be nice to know who opens the report.
The highest number for a report has been 20, but had a Radon report opened 29 times. Why would anyone need to see a 3 page Radon report 29 times?

Listen guys, if you produce a beautiful, robust inspection report, you should consider it a blessing when agents pass it around. You want as many people as possible seeing the product you produce as a professional. That’s part of the thinking behind FetchReport.

Your report is better marketing than your brochure.

That is why it is good to do prelisting inspections. One prelisting inspection can get me several buyers who saw my report.
Also remember, the Move In Certified Program links your report from FetchReport. All the prospect has to do is go to the MIC website on the sign in the yard.