Thanks to InterNACHI For Fetch Report

Thanks to InterNACHI For The Fetch Report System. I use it
for every inspection and love it. :wink:


I use and love it also John.

It’s a very durable inspection report upload/download system. So much better than FedEx. Best of all, it’s free.

I use it too. I like to see how many times the report has been accessed.

For those who don’t yet use it, here is some information about FetchReport:

So are people using Fetch Report along with services such as HIP and HG?


I just started using Fetch report and like it very much. Question - does the client get the same password that I do (I include myself on the distribution list)?

I was using it several years ago. Is there a way to check an old account? Of course my email has changed since then, so I couldn’t log into the old account. I just created another account.

But would like to see what reports I had on the old account…

Great system. I started out slow but am using it more and more.