Anybody using this online platform for delivering your report? Just wondering how it is working? What kind of feedback can you give? I am curious what others have to say about this.

I sent you a PM the other day about Fetch report, don’t know if you received it.

No, I just checked and didn’t get anything.

Hmmm, Okay

Yes I use it and have for 5 yrs it works great. I know when someone has opened the report or not.

No one has had trouble but one or two elderly people and one realtor who is a drunk :roll:

Very simple to use.

How does it differ from ISN?

Awesome, I cut back and got rid of my HG services, as I am using my touchscreen computer and have my report set for PDF. Just looking for a report delivery program outside of HG. Services was great and well worth the money

It doesn’t do all the things ISN does, it just sends out the report when you load it up.

You can just email the report in .pdf format to your client.

You can consider using the free online inspection agreement system that comes with your membership to allow clients to sign the agreement online before inspection.

Using an online, password-based report storage system means that you don’t have to take the time to find and send the report each time someone wants to view it.

Anyone having problems uploading to Fetchreport? It seem to stall and cease to function at upload.

Tim Gardner


If you’re having problems with FetchReport.com, send an email to tim@internachi.org and chris@internachi.org. They’re pretty quick to address any issues with the site.


I just email my reports direct. Same with agreements. Why do it any other way?

Is this site going to handle the reports for the free Pre listing inspections?

It doesn’t store the reports for more than three months. That’s kind of a bummer. I really like the agreement system though.

I’m having issues with this service. my clients saying when I send the report from fetchreport its not letting them open the file. Not a good look on my part from my clients.

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Tyler - I just sent you an email asking for more information about your file not opening. I haven’t seen this problem happen before, so we’ll take a look and figure it out.

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