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Does anyone know the best home inspection software for a member out of Delaware. Thank You

They make software for that?

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I for one am tired of saying the same thing over and over again. New year new business for many I guess?

Then why do you reply? Just skip to the next thread. :wink:

Because i am becoming old and crotchety :slight_smile:

Thing is, Mike has been like that since he was 20. :wink:

A lot has changed over the years. Here is the latest info on this subject: http://www.nachi.org/webinar.htm Scroll down to Inspection Software Throwdown webinar.

I must disagree i was one of the happiest folks you could meet. I had the world by the balls. Then poof I became obsolete and builders figured there was to much profit in my main business that served me well for over 25+ years. The Major Home builders no longer pay for Service, Quality or Experience. They only worry about price just like most of the insurance inspection clients in South Florida. I cannot blame either as they must do what they can to survive. Myself and all my employees just became the casualties. If things go right this year I may join a large corporation with benefits to finish out my life’s work in an environment where my life’s experiences and accomplishments still earn respect. At least that is my hope.

I have tried numerous. I favor HomeGauge and HIP.

I’m just busting ya, Mike. :wink:

No Sweat but I really did enjoy life for a real long time :slight_smile:

I guess we all get thrown a curve ball once in a while…

I would just like one straight down the middle for a change.

I know where you are coming from Mike.
As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to always have a plan “B”.
Without such you make yourself very vulnerable. Yep !
Most set themselves to flow with the market. Which we know changes daily.
Hence, Plan B is an necessary .
If not ! We set ourselves up for failure.
I hate that word.

Roy L.

Yup, I got a few curve balls from 2004-2007. I was “patient in the batters box” and it seems I’m getting good pitches to swing at for a change. It’ll turn around.

I’ve been using Palm-tech for a couple of years, and am completely satisfied with it. It comes with many templates, but I’ve created my own. If you want to see a report, there is a sample on my website at: www.bthomeinspections.com

Good Luck!