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Post: What is the Best Inspection Report Software?
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Too bad. Members cannot be moderated. The post will remain as it is.


Thick skin will develop after a while. You are getting these types of responses because almost all members of this organization want to be treated as professionals, not blue collar workers. That is hard to do when there are those that will do anything for a buck. :frowning:

James is correct Michael, the post remains.
Greg is a good guy but you have to remember that your pricing structure also affects his ability (as well as everyone else’s) to make a living.

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So true.

If you make less than working for someone else , why are you doing this.?

The only reason to be low ball ,is to impress Predator Agents that you will not be finding much

They look for desperate Inspectors to mentor into their team.

Repeating a line from Dusk till dawn “welcome to slavery”

I equate it to dying sailors on a lifeboat resorting to quenching their thirst by drinking sea water.

Licensing solves nothing.

You should have been around a few years ago before I became such a nice guy. Then you would know what a real post that needs to be reported looks like.

Michael, you need to stroll down to the NFE thread for a while. You would never think to report something as mundane as this. Don’t worry skin will thicken after a while.:smiley:


I know, you are really nice now!

I just found this thread or I would have replied before now. Oh well no one agrees with me. I just thought it was quite un-professional. Thanks for all of your opinions I was just trying to see if that type of crap is allowed or not. I guess it is. The fact that members are not moderated brings up a question. Can I really say whatever I want and nothing would be done. I am not joking I would like the honest answer so I know how I must conduct myself. What about #1 Be responsible and respectful and #5 do you all actually feel Greg was following these guidelines or does he just fall under members will not be moderated?

  1. This message board is not moderated, except in extreme cases. Be responsible and respectful and you’ll be OK.
  2. Make sure to post in the right forum.
  3. Do not copy/disclose the content of messages from private sections of the message board
  4. Do not register multiple accounts.
  5. Do not taunt other users of the message board (members and non-members alike).
  6. Have fun!

We are in members only and should be able to call each other as-holes if we so wish.

Personally I see your regular prices are not terribly low ball , but the original way you presented yourself made you come off that way.

Heck , look at RR and how he talks about his 99 cent specials and has stalker/ admirers for admitting so ,because he presents it as a Marketing scheme .

You simply had bad timing and a few misplaced words .

Get a thick skin and start going to threads where you can help other members.

Get over it.

You have seen nothing, yet. I assure you.

After reading this, Michael is a member and so is Greg. Does this exact course of name calling and bashing really give NACHI a good name. He is new to the industry from what it appears. He cannot say XXX amount of years in business…XXXX amount of years in the inspection industry…so what can he do to get an edge within the market? Be the same price? Then your gonna say he wants just as much as me? I have been doing this for 30 years…he is new…blah blah blah…

From what I have seen, not only does he fill out the wind mit form…he also includes photos of the items to provide a better product for the client and insurance company. So he is giving a better product at cheaper prices and people find this WRONG? To me it sounds like marketing and he is getting a portion of the market share and people don’t like it.

Look at all the people on these threads who appear to do alot of work…the are NOT THE CHEAPEST by far and maybe even the most expensive in their area. Yet, they stay busy as can be. They have excellent business skills, excellent conversations skills, can deal with all facets of people, and provide a product that people want and will pay for. I don’t even care what others charge. If you can’t beat his price then provide a better product that people will pay for.

I am over it I just found this thread yesterday and figured I would at least give my 2 cents. When I clicked on the report post button I had no idea of what it would actually do. I did not find out untill yesterday. Trust me I will not bother with that anymore.

From Mr Meeker’s post

“Can I really say whatever I want and nothing would be done. I am not joking I would like the honest answer so I know”

You need to be careful sometimes what you say; A member can be reported to the ESOP committee by another member.