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I am just starting out in home inspections. I was wondering what you guys would suggest for inspection software. With so many options not sure what I should be looking for. A little background on what i’m doing, I am currently a contractor doing renovations in my hometown. and plan to continue with renovation as well as inspections. With that being said i plan on only doing a smaller number of inspection in my first year. any guidance would be appreciated
Thanks, Tom Garland

The search feature is your friend


Tom, this is a good read for choosing software: https://hinarratives.com/narrative-library-formats/choosing-inspection-software/

And, don’t forget our own Jeff Pope’s software. Here is his website as an inspector: https://www.myinspector.net/ . My computer is in for repairs and I’m using an old dog so I don’t have his software link. But tell him I said to contact him about it and he will give you some free ones to try out to see if you like it.

P.S. Welcome to our forum, Tom!..Enjoy! :smile:

Hi Tom,

It’s a more complicated questions than it used to be and it has been asked many, many times on these boards.
In addition to the information on the link that Larry gave you, I can tell you that the major inspection software companies typically also offer a variety of other services, such as websites and various business-related services. You might want to decide (write down) exactly what you’re looking for so that once you begin the process (and if you’re doing a good job, it will be a process) of determining which software will work best for YOU, depending on how your brain is wired, it won’t seem quite so overwhelming.

To do a good job of making a choice, you will need to compare those features that are important to you and learn which software seems easier for you.
While you’re on Larry’s link (to my website) be sure to check out my reference section. It’s designed for newer inspectors but is a little more advanced than absolute newbie.

I have to say this, is this the same Tom Garland that is Inspectvue?

Haha nope just a weird coincidence. Im a contractor on the east coast of canada


Yes that is a coincidence. The Tom Garland is owner of Inspectvue Inspection Software and is out of Palm Springs CA.

You should Check out Horizon Inspection Reports. I am in California but I use their system for years, they are out of Toronto. Since they are closer to you. Great support staff.

Horizon software - Carson Dunlop - They have been in business for a long time and a whole lot of Inspection schools use their materials to teach with.

Very thorough if used correctly.

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Top 10 Best Home Inspection Software
HomeGauge. HomeGauge is a software for home and commercial inspectors who work with different platforms and devices. …
Home Inspector Pro. …
Horizon Software. …
EZ Home. …
3D Inspection System. …
Spectacular. …
Inspection Manager. …

“Inspection Manager” is not home inspection software., Stick to F1, Lewis. :wink:

Carson Dunlop Horizon. Having used several reporting softwares, I found/find Horizon intuitive for/to all my building inspection reporting as well as my home inspection business needs.

Reports. Create professional-quality inspection reports quickly and easily. Sample.
Integrate client scheduling. Enter information once. Information appears everywhere. Report, Cover letter, Contract, Invoice and Emails.
Mobile App for phones and tablets.
Potable software for carry PC’s and tablets.
Automated marketing.

This is a very robust reporting/business system.
My Microsoft Surface Pro 6 in my attache at all times. I can start, edit or amend a contract or report on the fly.

Highly recommended for detailed individuals.
Free trial:

Hope this helps.