Recommendations for software

Iam a new inspector, anyone have some recommendations for good software to use for inspections?

Inspect vue

go to hardware/software check that out great amount of info

Welcome aboard Terry, you’ll find that being a Nachi member has all kinds benefits and almost everyone here are very helpful. I recently joined a few months ago and wished I’ld had a couple years ago when I first started inspecting.
I use the Carson Dunlop’s Horizon report and find that it is excellent and helps produce a great report. They have just recently upgraded it and it is even more user friendly than before. You can check it out here

Search threads under report writing section. I also use Horizon and think its the cats a ss.


I like 3D’s inspection software

Two questions:

  1. Has anyone recently done a fairly comprehensive and objective review of the reports software available?

  2. Does anyone use ReportHost - the online reports software that you paid for on a 'per use ’ basis? Something like that would seem to be pretty ideal at least for the new inspector.


The newbie inspector on House Dectives did. He sent out an email a while back. I think his name is Steve Ramos, a NACHI member.

There are many quality software products. I use HomeGauge because I can produce a very professional narrative report with pictures in less than one hour. With my typing skills that’s quick.