Home inspector, ashi, telling homeowners here in MI he does basement waterproofing

and claims he is licensed builder here but when i type in the supposed state license number he lists, state says, ‘no results found’

anyways, have come across 3 homeowners now this year who have said the same thing and hired a home inspector to do B waterproofing, in all instances their basements kept leaking where he/they worked. No written warranty-guarantee to any of the homeowners.(where’s homeowners heads at eh)

they all stated he backfilled with same clay soil as he apparently tried doing ext-waterproofing

got his name from today’s homeowner who called me and explained her situation, still leaking after paying $5,500 for something like 15 to 20 linear ft.

she said it took him a week to do it (that’s a 1 day job eh) and he left the trench wide open for 4 to 5 days… umm, a kid could get curious and get close to open 6’ deep trench fall in n break neck

so, don’t know if it is the SAME home inspector or not, this guy’s name is Steve Gietzen, apparently an ashi HI, anyone here know the guy?

one has to be state lic in Michigan to do B waterproofing, insured etc… by the way, no permit pulled either (of course can’t pull permit if one isn’t st-lic and insured)


I just checked, he has a residential builders license.

License Type:

R​e​s​i​d​e​n​t​i​a​l​ ​B​u​i​l​d​e​r​ ​I​n​d​i​v​i​d​u​a​l


License Number:



S​t​e​v​e​n​ ​T​o​d​d​ ​G​i​e​t​z​e​n

License State:



Business Type:

R​e​s​i​d​e​n​t​i​a​l​ ​B​u​i​l​d​e​r​ ​I​n​d​i​v​i​d​u​a​l

Business Name:

Number of Sites:

Business License Expiration Date:

License Issue Date:


License Expiration Date:



hmmm, i went on ‘Lara’ site and punched in supposed B lic, said nothing.

licensed or not, he’s left at least 1 homeowner in water, she’s not happy at all, just saying

why leave trench wide open for days? and so on

when i google steve gietzen ASHI… says license is 2101093660

That website was updated and a pain in the ass to navigate.

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Just because he has a license doesn’t mean he knows what he is doing

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