Says, licensed builder gives homeowners advice on waterproofing

he starts out about woman getting water in BASEMENT, this is where he/others try n get homeowners into thinking that their landscaping stuff is ‘waterproofing’

i saw, heard nothing in video about WATERPROOING, waterproofing basements, crawls, only about trying to divert some water from A to B, well, that is not waterproofing.

by the way, this guy supposed builder has his own landscaping biz near the Frenchie Drain guy lol, yeah hello.

if one REALLY wants to be helpful and honest about waterproofing then he n others would spend time n have videos on… WATERPROOING! Skip the ‘waterproofing’ in that video title bro

They also sell drain tile products, dig? And their supposed consulting service is $500 lol sheesh scammers

Here’s one of many houses that had a leaky basement and they had hired some moron who told them to install a FRENCH DRAIN outside, like video above, and they did NOT care to, want to, know how to identify the homeowners actual problems!!!

If you don’t have a handful of minutes to watch short videos then you won’t understand EH, some peoples attention span is, well lol like a home inspector who lives in CA, eh. They cry n whine that there’s too many videos etc, poor baby

see the stupid drain tile and gravel, did that FIX, repair anything? No, never does.

SEE WHY it LEAKED here!!! sheesh

INSIDE basement, the most important FIRST STEP is, identifying the actual problem (s)!!! My consulting fee loolll is free duhhhh versus a $500 consulting fee n they won’t idenity the problem(s), ok have it your way poop heads.

this homeowner in Troy paid more $$ for the french fry drain than it cost to waterproof her actual problems.

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