2 houses w/poured walls, leak. Troy and Warren Michigan

home inspector told this homeowner he needed to play with, toy with his downspout extension and doing that would somehow solve his leaky basement, looolllll Oh man!!!

see how PAINT can hide, conceal existing defects? lool yep = morons

there WILL be MORE lealy rod holes here in coming months, bet the house on that

In Shelby Township, a homeowner couldn’t wait a few days for Bubbamilk to get over there, he paid $500 for one leaky deteriorated rod hole – am told they used drywall mud!!!

Warren Michigan… FINISHED basement…
son called my old azz, he is looking out for his Mother who lives here, easy prey had she called the inside drainage system scammers, yeppers.

Told son best for her to… remove some of the old paneling in order to see, identify her actual problems, how/where water was getting in!

Because with paneling up, she would only see water where the bottom of the foundation wall meets the stupid floor! (say again easy prey for INT system jerks)

So the son hires someone to remove paneling, what do ya see? Numerous leaky deteriorated rod holes and 2 cracks allowing water in on floor, causing a lil mold.

HAD she/son hired an INT drainage system liar, they’d have told them they need a drainage system and 45 sump pumps costing at least $15,000… minimum… and had they installed that crap the basement would still leak because they would not have removed the paneling, maybe 1-2’ at bottom, so many rod holes and cracks would still leak because those idiots don’t waterproof 'em!!!

Son asked me to ‘check’ all the rod holes in these 2 areas, i did, 66 rod holes leaked OR were about to leak so wrote him EST for 66 R holes and waterproof the 2 cracks $3,300 versus what they would have paid an INT drainage system company, folla? $3,300 versus minimum of $15,000, duh!

EXISTING DEFECTS behind paneling and often behind drywall in finished basements, yeah that’s right lol

How about that injection of poured wall crack? hahahaaaaa

so just because someone gets a home inspection and the HI goes in a finished basement and it’s NOT raining that day or hasn’t for several days AND lol usues a moisture meter which doesn’t detect crap, does NOT at all mean there aren’t existing defects, existing moisture intrusion in the stupid basement – not blaming HI’s, just pointing out the facts, sheesh, you can write up on inspection report ‘No signs of water intrusion’ the day you were there, but THAT doesn’t mean much now does it, it only means that the 20 or 30 minutes the HI was in basement he/she didn’t see-notice any water intrusion, well loooolllll the NEED to SEE the foundation walls when buying a stupid house is rather important to me, duh


Always enjoy your videos Mark. Keep fighting the battle!