St Clair Shores, leaky basement in one lone area, been leaking 40 years

yep ever since homeowner bought the place, he says.

He tried raising and sloping the grade and has drain tiles than run from the back to the front along/near the basement wall, did that solve his leaking basement? No.

Homeowner has Parkinson’s , he called Foundation systems of Michigan over for an estimate.
They told him his house is settling and that he supposedly needs some piers and an INT system and wrote him an estimate for $23,000, say again, he leaks just in this one area, has no signs of settling unless you wanna call some minor tuckpointing needs… settling, pffft.

Who the fkkk is professional

how come the INT system bubbleheads don’t take videos of them on their estimates, showing us all exactly how they identify each n every homeowners problem n how come they don’t take videos of their jobs showing us how/where water is first entering, what ya afraid of? Are you on the up n up or, as some of us already know, full of shtt. They have all kinds of spare time it seems to, oh lets see, go door to door around the neighborhoods and they have lots of extra time to call n pester homeowners, gee, how about taking hundreds of videos, show how you came to your supposed expert conclusion that 99% of homeowners need aa twit-head INT system

, same house in SCS, NO lies sobs, homeowner has Parkinson’s n called OTHERS for est’s, all said he needed an INT system, one was over $20,000
WHERE is the supposed HIGH WATER TABLE here…? sheesh smfh

Many are full of shtt just on this POINT, that those who live near a lake, canal or the Pacific fkg ocean have a high water table and need stupid azz drain tiles, they actually tell homeowners this bullshit.

stupid drain tiles

ummm, hydrostatic pressure huh? High water table eh? WHERE??? We’re 6’ deep! lolol

Let’s see, you wanna spend approx. $2,500 and STOP the water from where it’s first entering or spend $12,000–20,000 on an INT pinball system and diverts the incoming water, hence won’t stop/prevent mold etc

Yeah I’m the bad guy, the DEVIL baby, just because I post videos of homeowners actual problems and solutions and when some home inspectors or realtors or INT system morons wanna disagree, fine with me, step right up and sing your bullshtt song, just like one here in Mich recently who accused my azz, a total idiot, hope he’s embarrassed as fk, call me ya lil weasel, learn something instead bullshtting people, fkgg azz.

Tell you what, when YOU HI’s come upon a leaky basement and YOU think the problem and solution is the stupid grade and that’s what you tell the seller, buyer, have them call me, let my stinky azz come over after YOUR incompetent bs and let me find the actual problem n real solution… afraid? Yes you are, fk n a you are, you won’t do it… yeah pay me $5,000 like Timmy ‘Ask the Builder’ charges homeowners to come out n tell you what he thinks your problem is, pay me, fly my stinky butt crack out n i’ll find your stupid problem… shttt, pay me $2,000 how’s that, you save 3,000 already lol

Mark, does the hydraulic cement crack if the stem wall contracts & expands?

Simon, what do you think? lol

If the soil pressure or roots etc acting laterally upon a foundation wall exceed the strength of the wall then, bingo, so if it pushes in, cracks lets say a 8" + thick poured wall then it’ll push n crack pretty much anything.

I do NOT guarantee a wall will never crack or bow in again, never ever have, no sir. That’s what INT system chump BS homeowners about, they sure do… like this homeowner…videos

here’s the inside, an INT system and sump pump and wall anchors installed, a supposed lifetime guarantee on everything including the walls will not move, crack etc again, bullshit, lies

outside, the real condition of the damn wall… you see more-damage done to the wall by forcing wall anchor rod through? I do lol

outside again, a better view of all the existing problems, defects that the inside system chumps did not even bother to mention nor did they mention they’d damage/cause more exterior openings for water to get in, pretty fkg stupid

Donan, a basement wall fails when the pressure of the soil exceeds the lateral strength of the foundation wall

I don’t lie to homeowners and tell them that after we do… a, b, c that they will never have any further cracks or movement, nope unlike just about all others, dig?

I simply guarantee no more water will enter through the stupid wall n onto their basement floor and if it did, we’d be there to dig out whatever problem area they had and re-seal the bitch, unlike many others.

amazing how few Nachi home inspectors question the INT system chumps and their bogus claims just like what you see in videos above… wtf are they at? Their supposed lifetime warranty the wall will not move, would not leak… BULLSHTT man, of course the walls moved and leaked! lol unreal

say again, the homeowner in video has Parkinson’s, got it?
he can barely muster enough breath to speak and when he does one can barely hear him, understand?

The interior drainage system company thought he was an EASY target, dig?
Thankfully for the neighbor across the street we previously did some waterproofing for, he walked over after seeing couple companies go to neighbors house and gave him our number.

What kind of PROFESSIONAL would go to ANYONE’S house and mislead, lie to them about their problem and solution??? Nachi chapters have had INT system co’s come to their meetings and… talk shit, unreal! Wake the hlll up would you please are do you enjoy being lied to as well.

PARKINSON’S!!! They LIED to him,so the neighbor and then his girlfriend got the facts then made their decision.
No I’m no damn savior, just an experienced honest contractor.

Another point, why no HI’s slamming this company? Nope, just a question about hydraulic cement lol.

Yeah, THAT looks real good for the Nachi org, sure right.

Oh, they think Marky is lying, is that it? hahahahaa
Hey chumps, i’ll give you the homeowners name n number, you call him, you’ll need to speak with his GF because of what I previously mentioned, go ahead n call, ya skeeeeered?

So I’m not ‘professional, don’t hire me’, because I post videos of scams etc, nope, but the INTERIOR basement system scammers are A okay with most inspectors, yep, I’m the devil and the INT system co’s are PROFESSIONAL, what a fkkkd up world

so you deal with leaky b*tchez in your daily affair? I think I’m beginning to understand the struggle :slight_smile:

Do you have any videos that shows how (the process) you dig the trench?