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I am in the process of starting up my home inspection business and I am ready to purchase the tools I will need to conduct my residential home inspections. I would like some help in making a list of the “required tools” (safety glasses, ladder, etc.) and “nice to have” tools. Wayne

Best of luck with this one Wayne. When I started looking into the Home Inspection business I was in search of the same information. Here is what I found out. The set of tools required are as various as the many inspectors that use them. You have inspectors that carry no tools, inspectors that carry only tools that fit in thier pockets, inspectors that carry 3 bags of tools and all of the variations inbetween.

I searched the internet for inspection tool kits and found just as many variances there. What I finally did and what will possibly assist you the most is the following.

A. Study the NACHI SOP (what is required during your inspection)
B. What tools do you feel will best help you complete the requirements of the SOP.
1 Roof
Ladder (if checking from the eaves or walking the roof), Camera
2 Exterior
Tape measure (check railings, stairs), Camera, Moisture meter
3 Basement Foundation Crawlspace
Flashlight, Camera, Combustable gas detector, CO detector, Tick tester, Moisture meter
4 Heating
Camera, Thermometer,Combustable gas detector, CO detector, mirrors
5 Cooling
Camera, Thermometer
6 Plumbing
Camera, Moisture meter
7 Electrical
GFCI tester, Screwdriver, Camera, Tick Tester
8 Fireplace
Camera, Flashlight, Combustable gas detector
9 Attic & Insulation
Flashlight, Camera, Tape Measure, Moisture meter
10 Doors, Windows, Interior
Tape measure (check railings, stairs), Camera, Tick Tester, GFCI tester, Moisture meter
C. What tools do you feel will enhance your inspection. I listed my thoughts in blue.
D. Find another inspector just outside of your service area and ask to tag along with them for a day see what kind of tools they use.
E. Use whatever tools you feel will complement your inspection and enhance the quality of your report; however, remember sometimes too much information can be a bad thing.

I use about 95% of the tools mentioned above, it’s a good list. One of the best “tools” you have is your inspection report. This will “tell” the client allot about your skills and how you want to treat them and be remembered for referrals.

To find the best software reporting program, go to the Inspectors mall listed on the home page, click on software and check out the different programs. Download demos, use them, then contrast and compare the programs. What is right for everyone may not be right for you. Two that are mentioned and used by many on the board are Home Inspector Pro and Home Gauge. I use InspectVue, but they have been sold to a different company and the jury is out on the customer service on the company. I may be going to a different program in the future, and the programs mentioned will be part of my fact finding.

When you buy tools, buy good stuff. Don’t try to buy cheap and end buying several of the same brand over time. Great waste of time and money. These will be your tools of the trade.

Good luck!

I use everything in Black, above, and only “camera” in blue.
I use a fishing vest or a 5.11 vest to carry it all (except ladder & kneepads)
KISS, and ABIDE by the SOP to CYA.
Read www.nachi.org/sop twice a year to:

  1. make sure you’re doing it, &
  2. rein yourself in.

Outside the SOP you are NOT PROTECTED.


Best to you!