Home Inspector medical insurance

Can anyone recommend some types (companies) of medical coverage for home inspectors? Although I still have medical insurance through my employer, I plan to become a full-time home inspector within the year.

My wife plans to change jobs also, so I can’t depend on her having good coverage I can enroll with.

Thanks for your help.

Dean Conrad

Just be prepared to pay a large premium. Self employeds get no break when it comes to health insurance. Age and number of members in family (if you have children I think it’s one price for 1 or more) are factors. I’m on Medicare, which helps. My 60 year old wife costs $650 per month for not great coverage. Also be very careful about preexisting conditions. These are usually not covered.

Hold on just a bit. The US government is getting ready to provide it for free, compliments of Comrade Obama!

You just beat me to it Joe.

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Free !!! its never free. :roll:

Av-Med is reasonable. It costs $357 a month for me and my wife. You pick a doctor and don’t need referrals to see a specialist. Hospitalization and prescription coverage is included.

WOW, some usefull information Jorge, thanks


Since InterNACHI represents such a large numbe rof inspectors why can’t we put together a group plan that surely would compete with very large corporations? Nick?

Hold on your self. That is a baldfaced lie.

While there will be support for folks who can not afford all or part of their coverage (that’s the point after all) the vast majority of us will continue to pay to the insurance carrier of our choice. Of course the premium would likely be lower since my insurance won’t be picking up the shortfall for those who are not insured. . And we wouldn’t be worrying about preexisting conditions or getting cancelled by the insurance companies who ration care now to protect their bottom line.

Did I mention that one provison will give you access to an exchange where your purchasing power, combined with others will get you something much better then the current robbery permitted on individual purchasers.

So why does the right propagate lies about health care. Because in their hearts they enjoy the sight of a woman begging for care for her husband. It confirms their superiority to tell this woman and thousands like her to beg from her neighbors. And because the right wing creed is “Profit over People”

Spoken Like a true left wing lemming. I am surprised you just didn’t throw the race card out like the rest of the liberals when there is disagreement. There is a reason this crap hasn’t passed in the 40+ yrs that it has been brought forth by both democrats and republicans. I mean really, if were such a great plan, don’t ylu think the dems that are still on the fence would have gotten off and supported it by now. And yes, I like my profit, I worked hard for it.

Rob Jones

The House bill is not out of committee. There is no Senate bill at all. How can you propagate that you know how it will all turn out?

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Thanks for the info.

I was hoping there might be, as suggested above, a group policy for home inspectors. My wife and I both have some pre-existing conditions, although not real serious, that I’m sure an individual plan wouldn’t insure.

My daughter graduated from college last May and was turned down by two insurance companies for medical coverage because she had visited the ER for stomach pain last winter and was given a prescription of Nexium. The plan she finally got (she hasn’t found a job yet) is not very good.

Plus, we have a way to go before Medicare kicks in.

Thanks again.

Dean Conrad

Is there no way to bring sanity to this debate? It would help everyone stopped the political posturing and addressed the issue. I watch my uninsured friends go bankrupt, or worse. One friend died in an ambulance going from one hospital to another. He was turned away from the first because he was not insured.

In all truth there are pros and cons to whatever system is implemented. This makes it even more important that the issues are discussed in an adult manner with respect for all views. We must accept that everyone’s goals can not be accomplished but we can achieve the goal of healthcare that meets the needs of everyone in society. Surly that is not too much to hope for? Or is hope a casualty of warring political factions?

The fact is that the liberal Dems tend to want a totally government controlled system as they have stated repeatedly including Obama.

The Repub/conservatives tend to want a market based system which allows for maximum freedom and high quality of care.

Because of these two competing ideas the argument has been going on for decades.

Keep in mind that the Dems control The Senate, House and Presidency and can probably push through what ever they want. But in my opinion they want the political cover of bipartisanship if at all possible.

The current bills should be scrapped and a new start should be made.

I have Kaiser in Southern California and am very happy with it. I’m 41 and so is my wife and we pay $340/mo. each. So it ain’t cheap, but it’s good coverage. You can get a basic major medical plan for less, but I don’t want to put my family at risk if we really need something major. That is in fact why they call it insurance.

Joe I have to hand it to you that was a pretty funny coment. Keep em coming:D