Home Inspector Pro 2.8 released including 4 new InterNACHI templates!

Home Inspector Pro 2.8 for Mac & Windows has been released. Thanks to all the beta testers for their great feedback and Drew Levy for helping to make 4 of the 5 new templates included in this release! There are FOUR new InterNACHI templates: Accessibility, Firedoor, Four Point and Phase 1 Fireplace (based on InterNACHI’s Commercial SOP).

We always recommend backing up your copy of Home Inspector Pro Inspection Software first (to CD or online or a backup drive). Then you can run the files below directly over your existing copy and it will not affect any existing themes.

If you have any questions, go to http://www.HomeInspectorPro.com and click on Help Desk in the top right corner to submit a help ticket.

You can download it for Mac at http://www.homeinspectorpro.com/dmdocuments/HomeInspectorPro-2_8.dmg

and for Windows at http://www.homeinspectorpro.com/dmdocuments/HomeInspectorPro-2_8.exe

2.8 updates:

New Feature: New Texas TREC 7-2 template. You can contiue to use your 7A-1 template and after the update it will automatically take on 7-2’s changes (mostly cosmetic and changes to section introductions).

New Feature: Added new Accessibility template for checking disability accessibility (normally for commercial properties).

New Feature: Added Firedoor template.

New Feature: Added Phase 1 Fireplace Inspection template based on InterNACHI CommSOP.

New Feature: Added 4 Point template.

New Feature: Text Lists (drop down boxes) can be added to Damage Panel/observation areas. (Still working on final logistics for Selection Panels). Add a List when editing or adding a new Damage Panel comment. You’ll need to create a new List first which is done in the same area as well as add the options for the Lists. When viewing the List in the Damage Panel comments you will see the List name in the format <<List Name>>. When you move a comment to Red/Black you can then double click the comment and select which value you’d like to use from the drop down list. If you move a comment with a List to Red/Black but don’t choose an option, a warning message will pop up to let you know when you leave the item with the List. Let us know if you have any suggestions on how Lists work as it’s a large new feature.

New Feature: Added move up/down for List comments

New Feature: Added ability to rename List comments by double clicking on them in edit mode.

New Feature: Added ability to add Lists from the Add Comment option.

New Feature: Added support for Botswana, Brazil, Croatia, Namibia, Portugal, and Spain

New Feature: Summary page can be turned on/off under Section Colors & Print Order like other pages.

New Feature: Summary page can have it’s header font, border, background color, etc changed under Section Colors & Print Order like other pages.

New Feature: Clients can now digitally sign the contract via Report Settings->Client Signature.

New Feature: Tabs change to green if you’re using ratings and check a box on the tab, or if you view the tab and aren’t using ratings.

New Feature: Added the ability to not display agent information on the cover page. Can be turned on/off under Report Settings->Options. (This is for you Steve!)

New Feature: Added integration with the Inspection Support Network (ISN). For more information on the ISN, visit http://www.InspectionSupport.net . You can go to File->Import Data From ISN Client and select from an inspection you haven’t started on the ISN. All client information will be imported into Home Inspector Pro. If the agent involved in the transaction is not in the Home Inspector Pro address book, a new agent will be created and their information added. If they already exist, their information will be updated with Home Inspector Pro assuming the ISN data is up to date. This will save all ISN members quite a bit of time retyping information and also allow you to view all inspections you need to write reports for from within Home Inspector Pro.

New Feature: Added text font style for photo captions under Report Settings->Formatting.

New Features: Added text font style for the description text (i.e. Observations, Materials) for Selection & Damage Panels.

New Feature: Added in the $InspectionFee, $ClientFaxNumber, and $InspectionSize variables to be used in documents and in the contract section.

New Feature: Added page numbers to contract.

Design Change: Signature lines for contract now appear under last line of text rather than at the bottom of the last page.

Design Change: Company name on contract now allows for longer names without wrapping to 2nd line.

Design Change: If you click on the Sort button the program will now ask if you’re SURE you want to sort.

Design Change: File->Save Contract has been removed. The contract now automatically saves as soon as you leave the contract editor.

Design Change: If you close out of the program by clicking on the X, and then type in an invalid file name or click cancel, you’ll remain in the program rathern than exiting the program.

Design Change: If you close out of the program by clicking on the X, and then click on the X of the dialog box that appears, you’ll be returned to the program rather than exit the program.

Design Change: On the contract page, the words Inspection Contract now match the font of the report title.

Design Change: # and ’ are no longer allowed in file names as they cause conflicts when uploaded to the website (some browsers don’t understand the characters).

Bug Fix: Memory leak if a you started drawing an arrow, rectangle, etc and then exited the photo editor before finishing drawing the object.

Bug Fix: Report Settings->Formatting->Header Font which affects the Summary, End of the report Photo Page and contract pages was not applying the correct color.

Bug Fix: When loading a company logo the program was only allowing images with lowercase letters as the file extension (i.e. .jpg). Uppercase is now accepted as well.


Dominic Maricic
President of Home Inspector Pro
Toll Free: 1-888-750-4777