Home Inspector Pro 4.5.3 for Windows is Live!

Home Inspector Pro 4.5.3 is now out! We are the first software company in the industry to allow inspectors to perform Department of Energy Home Energy Scores! This is HUUUGE! The FHA will give all buyers 2% more $$ if the home has a 6 or above. If it has less than a 6 they can roll the costs of improvement into the loan. MLS databases around the country are now adding Home Energy Score fields into their listings which means real estate sites like Realtor.com will start showing this soon as well.

To download HIP 4.5.3 log into our site (http://www.HomeInspectorPro.com) and click on Home Inspector Pro Downloads on the left.

Other new updates & fixes in 4.5.3.


New Feature: Home Energy Score integration with partnership from Department of Energy!!!

New Feature: Advanced colors data is sent to mobile so HIP Mobile can display advanced colors (in edit mode). The HIP Mobile version that goes with this will be released shortly.

New Feature: Incomplete items list! Go to Report Settings->Incomplete Items to see tabs that haven’t had a rating checked (if using ratings) or visited if not. Double click a tab to change it’s status if needed.

New Feature: If all items in a section have been completed, a check mark is added to the menu.

New Feature: The coloring state of tabs/menus will save with the inspection and transfer from mobile.

Bug Fix: RecallChek data clears between inspections being opened.

Bug Fix: Fixed issue with Lists disappearing when editing comments. This was occurring occasionally when there was no space between the list and following text.

Bug Fix: Fixed issue where videos were not renamed properly when merging inspections together.

Bug Fix: Advanced colors can be applied to newly added comments. Had to add comment, then edit previously.

Bug Fix: Prevent videos from freezing when clicking preview repeatedly.

Bug Fix: Temp directories properly deleted when closing HIP after using the merge feature.

Bug Fix: Videos from one inspection were being stored in the next if HIP wasn’t closed out in between opening two different inspection files.

Bug Fix: Last page of the report had shared the header page border if not printing in continuous mode.

Bug Fix: Video preview wasn’t always playing on a Mac.

Bug Fix: RecallChek serial and model data wasn’t sending properly if there was a leading space in the data being submitted.

I logged in and saw HIP 4.4.1 in the downloads area.
What am I missing?

Ditto, just seeing 4.4.1

Sorry guys, that was 4.5.3 I just didn’t update the title. It’s fixed now.

Not working too well…I keep getting an “Unknown Error” when it hits the connecting to DOE server part

Downloaded for me I just don’t know how to merge into the other one.

I’m waiting for Ken Ramm to say its working before I try it.

Go Ken;-)

When is the Mac version coming out?

Very soon. I have it done, we’re just testing it in house.

Run the installer. Make sure that the directory that comes up for installation is where you have HIP installed. If you ran the installer on this machine in the past it’ll know the correct location. If you just copied HIP from another machine, it may not.

Hi Mike,

Check under the Edit->Company Information item and make sure there’s an ID already entered under the assessor ID field.

Hi Dom

I did the install and here is what I have in pics to help.

It went into the older file.

It loaded a new icon (the left one) on desktop and changed the older icon on the right (older one now has the shield).

The ribbon has not changed. Nothing appears to have changed and I did restart my PC.

hip 1.PNG

hip 2.PNG

hip 2.PNG

hip 2.PNG

Hi Kenneth,

The problem is that you installed it into a folder called New HIP! Just go with the default directory and you’ll be fine. Run the installer again (never uninstall) and just click Next through the menus.

Sorry I don’t understand, It put it there I didn’t do anything maybe that is the problem.

When I run the installer do I need to click browse? And where do I go from there?

Nothing says next just browse and install. Sorry this has me confused.

hip 1.PNG

You renamed it New HIP and somehow changed important internal files possibly.
When you download the update do not mess with destination folders or rename anything during the process.

Once you download a box will show up in your screen that says ‘run’ just click run and let the software do its thing. There is nothing to play with.

What folder do I put it in?
hip 2.PNG

Hi Bob

I did not rename anything I just clicked install and that is all I did except to restart my PC.


Sorry to disappoint but this for some reason is eluding me. :frowning:

You had to have done that at some point as “New HIP” is not a directory name we use. Give us a call, 888-750-4777. We’ll have you going in a few minutes.