Home Inspector Pro Mobile Update for iPhone/iPad and Android devices.

Hi Guys,
Apple has approved the new Home Inspector Pro Mobile update. The Android version was updated last week so make sure you have that update too (our stats show only half of you have updated).If you haven’t updated today please make sure to do so soon!
few of the great new features:

*Works with iOS 7 for iPhone/iPad and latest Android devices
*Greatly sped up and stable interface
*Summary feature creates a slideshow of pictures with captions to go over with your client at the end of the inspection
*Picture quality greatly increased (at the cost of slightly larger files)
*Abililty to adjust the number of rows each comment takes within each section
*Items withing a section are greyed out when you comment on those items.
*Entire sections are greyed out when all items within it are greyed out to help you keep track of what you have/haven’t done.


Nice job Dom!!!