Huge Home Inspector Pro Mobile Update!

A huge new Home Inspector Pro Mobile update has been released to iPhone, iPad & Android devices. Android has already approved it and it’ll be a day or two before Apple approves the iOS version. A big thank you to the Home Inspector Pro Beta Testers for the constant feedback. There’s been about 30 beta versions since the last public release. If you love the update, please make sure to leave a review on the app store!

Some of the big new features:

  • New User Interface (there’s been a ton of changes related to this)
  • Chunk upload feature that uploads the report in chunks. If you’re on a weak signal, HIP Mobile will retry that segment multiple times rather than just immediately dropping the upload.
  • Bottom pop-out drawer now a permanent fixture
  • App always runs full screen for better space utilization
  • Video icon swapped onto main bar to decrease clicks. Add photo from gallery moved to item photo section
  • A lot more ISN data imported
  • Progress bar added for ISN
  • Keyboard blocked from popping up when using lists
  • Photo quality setting of 5 was GREATLY increased
  • Reorder photos on iOS with hamburger menu icon
    and sooo much more.

Update now and enjoy!


I’m glad I read this post this morning.

I was quite shocked when I got to my inspection and saw HIP looked very different.

So far I’m loving it. I had pretty much given up on the list feature because it was too slow. But on today’s home inspection, the list feature was super fast and smooth. In fact, it felt like my whole inspection got super charged.

And I’ve not even really had time to delve into the other changes yet.

Nice update for all.

Great, that’s the kind of feedback I like to hear! The new list component is definitely quicker to load. I’m glad you were able to notice the difference.

Thanks for helping to beta test Bob! If it wasn’t for guys like you willing to test in advance it would be much harder to track any issues before public release.

Still having the problem with if I pull in the ISN data on mobile, when I get back to the desktop, the Real Estate Agent is missing.

I also noted than the ISN data via mobile pulled in the wrong date.

I created the HIP file today, did the inspection today, but my report has yesterday’s date on it.

This required an addition on the desktop and mobile version. The mobile side is done. The desktop addition will be out shortly.

Thanks, I was able to reproduce that. Will have an update out shortly!

Apple has approved the new iPhone/iPad version of HIP Mobile. Download away!