Home Inspector Qualification Project

I have received and read the latest bulletin about the progress of the licensing program. The information has revealed that new inspection standards are also being developed by the Canadian Standard Association.

The new standards will cover the requirements for the physical - and not visual - inspections of residential homes. The change will certainly increase the obligations and liabilities of all home inspectors operating in Ontario.

I would appreciate if someone would post this message on the InterNACHI member only section because for whatever reason my access privilege has been revoked.

RUDOLF REUSSE - Home Inspector since 1976 - Retired

Rudolf, I restored your retired membership for another year.

Thanks for your info Rudolf Much appreciated .
Thanks Nick for extending his membership… Roy

The CSA and government can make up whatever things they want but at the end of the day we are guests in someone else’s house–we can under no circumstances physically damage the property or leave it in any other condition than what we found it–the exception of course is mr. holmes who seems to advocate that inspectors be able to smash open walls to see the things the other inspector “missed” (he actually uses this terminology in his show).

I’m sure the CSA and govt will be reminded of this.

Don’t forget using a garden hose to find the leaks. LOL