Home inspector sues REALTOR for calling him a "Total Idiot."

I would probably sue for more.

I think the legal issue here is that she sent it to 400 other agents.

Reminds me of a certain scumbag vendor…

The one that refers to inspectors that don’t use his services as morons?

That’s the one.:shock:

Parallels. Just sayin’! :wink:

I think the inspector is right on this one and has a good case. The $50,000 is way too little though.

I hope he carries on this could be great for our industry ,
Make all Agents treat us properly

Defamation is a big deal. I’m involved in a similar lawsuit right now. Comenity Bank in Ohio told the three big credit reporting agencies that I didn’t pay a $51 bill. That one lie they intentionally spread to entities that they knew would cause me the most harm, also caused my credit score to drop 55 points. I sued them for defamation immediately. You can read my lawsuit here (we’ll be in court for a couple years I predict):

Telling a lie about someone is one thing… intentionally spreading it to places where it will cause the most damage is another. That’s what this agent did (it might be a statement of opinion, but she emailed it to 400 other agents). This REALTOR should get out her checkbook. She’s getting off easy if he’s only asking for $50,000. I bet he’s only asking for that because he’s in too small of a court that limits how much he can sue for. He should bump it up to a higher court with higher limits. He could easily make the claim that she ruined his career locally using the argument that he now can’t “un-poison the well.” He has a multi-million dollar claim IMHO.

Where is that ?
I suppose anything repeated often enough becomes the truth.

Pretty sure he was just referring to his stalkers.(aka) Publicity Agents.

So, which is it Bob?

First, you claim you don’t know where the statement came from, inferring it is just a lie…

And then, you turn around and admit it as fact, by claiming he was referring to some Members that will not allow him to pull his crap and get away with it.

You sure like to throw that ‘stalker’ word around. You must have first hand experience with applying it’s characteristics. You seem to post behind me an awful lot!


He does not belong to any Associations, claims they don’t have anything to better himself with.

I didn’t read that on the bottom of page 1. What I read that being a member of these organizations does not indicate, prove, certify, verify or even care if you provide a competent home inspection.

Doesn’t he have a point?

Being a member of any association doesn’t guarantee excellence. But being a member of InterNACHI guarantees that the inspector has free and unlimited access to absolutely everything he/she could possibly want/need to achieve and maintain excellence. www.nachi.org/inspectionexcellence.htm

No other association can claim that. Only InterNACHI.

This from his website:

Uh oh… how can he find evidence of defects then? The agent might be right… he’s a total idiot. LOL

Russell, this is his quote;

I have not found any evidence that membership to any independent organization would improve my ability to provide a thorough and professional inspection. Admittedly, I probably do lose some potential jobs because I am not a member of one of the numerous inspection organizations. However, I have found that my inspection scope, standards of care, and code of ethics exceed those established by any home inspector association I have researched. When other membership factors such as cost, time, and potential conflicts of interest are considered, I think of my independence as being better for consumers because I can pass my savings on to clients.

Obviously he has not looked into Inachi for furthering his education.

I wish him luck.
I am just pointing out that he does not belong to any association.

But no one deserves to be called an idiot and sent to multiple agents that might affect his way of living. :slight_smile:

Fair enough, the guy does have a pretty decent Bio and hell, I think I would hire him. I liked what he had to say.

Membership alone does not improve ones skill set, I can name a few names! I think that is the point he was getting at. More like “Well, I am a member of ASHI”, so I am better!

Being a MEMEBR does not IMPROVE your ability does it? Now taking advantage of all it has to offer, does. But simple “membership” does nothing except lighten your checking account.

“Membership” does nothing, “participation” does everything. Make sense?

I agree with him about the membership statement.

Be careful, now. Access to that scumbag vendor is also one of the membership benefits that Nick is saying makes you a better inspector.:wink: