Home Inspector Test Or Das Fazaland Home security test???

Dear Friends : My name is Michael and since I was old enough to hold a Hammer and use a tape measure I knew what I was going to be doing Infact it was Myself and two very good friends that designed and built our very first tree house that turned out so perfect we ended up doing 4 other’s . The point I’m trying to make is there really isn’t much else I’d rather be doing except maybe working in My Auto shop {Hobby Only} But as the years motored on I had my share of Fall’s and injury’s Not to mention the plain Old Fact that Winter just plain flat out took it’s toll on Me. Plus I stepped back off off the Scaffolding from the 3rd floor stairwell and woke up in the Emergency room with some new problems. Anyway even with the Help of Modern Pain medication My day’s of 7 AM to 6PM 6 day’s a week are behind me … But I still wanted to stay in it some how …Which is where I am today … So I forked over 50 clam’s to take the New New York state Home Inspectors License test which is where I found out about the Painfully Obvious fact that someone Deep within the inner working’s of the New York State Dept of Licensing Is NOT at all Interested in turning Out Qualified home Inspectors … Infact I believe they would like nothing more than to crank out as few as humanly possible. Take for example the question asked on My test as to what the Monitary fine would be for a code violation 12-B and then when do multi-violations become criminal, Misdemenor,felony The point I’m trying to make here Guy’s Is exactly what are these questions doing in My NYS Home Inspectors Test ? Or did they get Das Fazaland home Security Test Mixed up ? Anyway Here it is going on a month later and still NO TEST RESULTS … So I score an 81 On My NACHI Exam and then Can’t Pass the NYS Test exam … Oh Really ??? Gee that’s Odd when you concider the NYS test was Based On the NACHI EXAM ? Except that is for the One I took ??? "Twice " That’s 2 time’s Now !!! Now I’m Not a Drug addict Nor do I Destroy Brain cell’s Nightly by the Millions drinking until the WEE hours of Dawn … In fact you might say I’m almost at my best save for the 21 Screws and 3 Surgical Plates Blown Out Rotator Destroyed Medial Meniscus and Non exsistent Patella ? But other than that I’m 100% ???