Home Inspector - walk along

I am new to this and am currently going through the training of Home inspector. I was wondering if walk alongs are allowable(as a training type walk along) for new inspectors. I am in South Johnson county, KS and would love the opportunity to do a walk along with an experienced Home inspector.


I think they are highly advisable. There are many KS inspectors here. I am sure somebody will be glad to offer you some assistance…



Jody, can you put your location in your profile. Might be helpful for people who offer ride-alongs in your area.

I would offer you one up here in Canada but it is more like a “trudge along dragging the ladder in one hand and tool box in the other until you collapse and they find your body in the melting snow six months from now!”:shock:

Im in Gardner, KS south johnson county.

Jody, you may have to travel out of your area to get one. Some may not wnat to train their competition. Google some in your area, find one on here and see if they would be willing to let you ride with them. Good luck.


Contact me.

Here’s a partial list from www.inpectorlocate.com 30 miles from your location. Goodnews you are listed!

Jody D. McKay (913) 485-3748
Dennis M. Scott (913) 533-2442
Steven D. Farnsworth (913) 226-5649
Dan Bowers, CMI (913) 649-8878
Michael Pruitt (913) 707-3874
Paul Sabados (913) 393-2776
Greg B. Clayton (913) 206-4187

not only advisable, but required in Pennsylvania. 100 of them

I believe in PA it is 100 supervised inspections versus 100 ride alongs, meaning you have to lead the inspection while the “supervising” inspector signs off on the report. If you follow what I am trying to say.


boy i hear ya… we just had a warm spell and it cleared the roofs off… but at one point, some roofs had 3 feet of snow on top… :shock: