Mold Inspection??

I had a client that brought 2 ProLab Mold Inspection kits to his home inspection I did this morning!! He asked me where the best place was to set these up. I explained to him that he got duped into a scam and he should return them for a refund. After I explained to him that mold will grow anywhere you set them up and a mold inspector will be referred to you for further testing, he was grateful that he wasn’t taken for a ride. Has anyone else ever had this happen to them??

Good for you! We need to get the word out more about mold scams. If you smell mold or see mold then you have mold! No need to know what it is, just find the reason that it is growing and get the repairs made.

Home inspectors who sell mold testing are akin to the ole snake oil salesman!

I agree that the canisters for Mold Testing is not the way to test for Mold. However, I disagree that Mold Testing is a scam if done properly and if needed. You all may have mold testing skills in your eyes or in your noses, but its a bet you could not tell what types they are and confirm 100% of the time. It only takes one wrong guess.
But as its been said on the board more than I can count, education is the best course of action.

Well done!!

So why do you need to know the types? If you have mold, you have mold!!

A quote from North America’s preiminent building scientist that I have on my website:

"If you see it or smell it, you do not have to test for it. It is more important to get rid of the mould rather than spend a lot of money trying to find out more about it***.***" (by sampling and identifying the species of mould- our comment) Dr. Joe Lstiburek, P. Eng., Phd.; Building Scientist and principal at Building Science Corporation (Website:

You may quote till your hearts content. Testing if needed is a good service to the client. As I said education is the key.
If you prefer to educate your clients with the sniff or lick test and they are ok with that then that is each inspectors choice.

You cannot properly remove mold without knowing the spore counts unless the place is a complete disaster. If anybody does a search I have explained this several times on this message board. Stupid inspectors do more harm to this profession, then any mold scam artists. Sad but true.

The only thing the petri dishes that Prolab sell will prove is if Chaetomium or Stachybotrys (one spore is considered toxic molds) is in the air in high concentrations. It is not a controlled test so the test is not considered valid in the mold industry.

Your website quotes a price for a mold inspection with 2 samples. Doesn’t IAQ2 protocol call for 2 baseline samples? How many interior samples do you take and why?

Are you a member of the “one asbestos fiber will kill you” club also?

Trying to hide house problems for Agents as usual eh,Linus.?:stuck_out_tongue:

Actually today’s client had some typical growth in the shower grout, and I had to tell him it needs testing and removal by guys in Astronaut suits before I am able to tell him.(yeah ,always good for a laugh.):slight_smile:

How do I know if there is mold in my house?

Mold can often be detected by a musty odor. Growth of mold can be seen in the form of a discoloration, ranging from white to orange and green to brown and black.

In most cases, it is not practical to test for mold growth in a house. There are no standards for “acceptable” levels of mold in a dwelling. Reliable sampling for mold can be expensive since it requires special equipment and training. Testing is not generally recommended as a first step.

However, there are businesses that provide mold testing. Before contracting a service, ask for credentials and referrals and check with the Better Business Bureau and/or Attorney General’s office.

I do not having any extensive training on asbestos so I do not comment on how it should be dealt with.

If you was not ignorant about mold, you would not ask that question.
Also I have covered this before, very elementary stuff.

Mold inspections are not covered under the InterNACHI code of ethics and, accordingly, those who inspect for mold are allowed to operate under the radar and with no accountability to anyone.

Are all mold inspectors charlatans? Do all mold inspectors manipulate the fears of an unknowing public? I don’t think so…but…those who are in the legitimate business of mold detection and identification need a means of separating themselves from those who are not as legitimate. Membership in this association is obviously not enough, since this association turns its back and looks the other way when it comes to all ancillary services and how members provide them.

Until then…the good guys and the bad guys are all mingled in every roll of the dice.

Caveat emptor.

Kinda like home inspectors.

Exactly like home inspectors who belong to no local or national associations and are accountable to no one for their ethical behavior or conduct.

There are mold organizations that have ethical standards set. So there is no difference.
The problem is most home inspectors, who get into mold inspection, want to treat mold inspections as if they are home inspections. Not enough training and not enough time evaluating the problem.

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Where are their members? Where is their marketing?

Right now, the public has to use a Ouija board to select a mold inspector.

Here are a few:

Besides being expensive, this is one of the reasons why I CAN"T use ProLab to process results. I can’t tell a client that the Pro-lab petri dishes are junk and use Pro-Lab to process their results.

Fairfield Ohio

Cincinnati Ohio Mold Testing

Mold is part of our natural environment. It is generally formed up from the fallen leaves and trees. You can easily find by your naked eyes. But sometimes it is not visible and even worse it can do more damage then mold inspection and testing are necessary.

You can solve your problem with MD Cleaners. Cheers!!:slight_smile: