Home owner repairs

What some people will do repair some things

29 St. Andrews 003.JPG

Sorry new at adding pictures heres another view

29 St. Andrews 001.JPG

Need larger pics. Can’t tellexactly what you are poining out.

Soory Michael but I can’t seem to make the pictures any larger or the message board will not except them. The pictues are of brick chimney which has been taken down to almost the roof line and a section of concrete drain pipe has been stuck into the flue to extend it. If anyone can explain how to adjust the size of the pictures I will try to change them.

If you are using Microsoft XP, download this power toy add-on from Microsoft. LINK

It will allow you to resize large photos by right clicking on a photo file and selecting the size you want.

Thanks Micheal but I am now using Vista and we are having problems with it like it see tthe printer ,fax put not the scanner all the same unit. Had problems just down loading pic’s from camera at first. More than likely a learning curve problem and not the computer.

I feel your pain, been struggling with Vista for about 3 months.
VISTA = Very Irritating System To Assimilate
or for those in CA … Very Irritating, Sucks, Totally, Always.

Here’s a free one for VISTA. Somone give it a try and report back.