Homebuyers are asking about Home Energy Scores

REALTORS® are reporting that energy-efficient homes are selling faster and for higher prices as homebuyers factor in long-term utility savings.

Read the NAR article http://themembersedge.blogs.realtor.org/2012/03/30/how-to-attract-and-close-green-homebuyers/

Just like car buyers look at the miles-per-gallon, home buyers are starting to ask, “How much will this home cost to operate?”

Thanks to InterNACHI, inspectors can now provide that data.

Check out the InterNACHI Home Energy Score at http://www.nachi.org/home-energy-inspection.htm

And it works even better if the inspector also scans the house with an IR camera.
I have found major insulation defects in brand new energy star rated homes. Some had to have drywall removed in order to make proper corrections. The houses with the hidden issues typically have construction styles that make many areas of the attic not readily accessible.

unfortunately, many of my customers don’t care about the energy cost or the problems with the home I report. They are in love with the size/location/price of the home regardless of the issues and figure they will fix them over time. sometimes, I wonder why they hire me in the first place.

You can get an idea of the home energy usage just by calling the utility company and getting a history of the usage/bills. Saving energy will not save money. Even if you get a history, you cannot predict the future of energy usage/fees. Everything goes up, except my fees. KCPL here wants a 12% hike in electric bills. So you will have to save 12% in energy usage just to keep your bill at it’s current level.

Many RE agents, and office brokers, are trying any means possible to keep home buyers from getting home inspections. Here in Kansas, RE’s wrote, and got passed, home inspection laws that allow for basic reports. They say this to home buyers, who will save that $200 to $300 by not getting a home inspection. “We have some trained agents in our office that can come to the home and check most all home areas for free”.

I wish I was more positive, but the $249 home inspection with termite and radon on any size home is the rule here.

Signed: getting poorer everyday.

Why don’t you just move?

My wife and I have 16 family members who are all over the age of 88. We help them alot. I would like to move to AZ to help out Duffy someday.

Change jobs?

I do quite a few energy audits for EEM’s and the people that get them and do the retrofits do love the outcome. The contractor is getting on average a 26% improvement with in the EEM budget. Plus Nevada gives a $1000 once the house reaches a 20% savings. It’s a hard sell right now but if the momentum keeps going it might be something most people are aware of. Getting them to participate is another story.