HomeGauge Help FAST!!!

I had a problem with my laptop hard drive and it is totally useless now. I had to go out and buy a new drive and install it tonight. I had HomeGauge installed on the old drive and had to download the evaluation copy to put it on my new drive. Not thinking, I did not adjust the system time right when I installed Windows XP on the new drive and was a whole year off. When I realized after I got most of my software installed back on the new drive, I updated the date. Now the evaluation copy will not work for me and I have an inspection on Sunday. I called some other guys to see if they could lend me a license number until I can get in contact with HomeGauge on Monday and I tried plugging in some donated license numbers. None of them worked for me. In desperation to get this fixed by Sunday, I went to HomeGauge and bought the 3 payment option of $295.00 thinking that it would email me a license number and I could clear it up with HomeGauge on Monday when they are back in the office. The email I got said they will send it to me in the mail. I can’t wait that long.

Does anyone know of a way to get ahold of HomeGauge or Russell so I can get a working license number? I am panicing here since my inspection is on Sunday morning.

Thanks in advance guys!

Scott, Please check your email. Thanks, Sean - HomeGauge

Problem solved! WooooHoooo!!! Back in business.

Thanks a million guys and especially Sean