HomeGauge now dictating payment service provider

So today I get an email from HomeGauge that effective in less than 30 days, I am no longer able to use my chosen payment services provider if I wish to accept payments through their software. Users can only do so if we choose to use them for a service provider, and at the published rates, it will double my costs.

I’ve experienced so many headaches with companion, their calendar system, etc. now they think they get to tell everyone who they can use for payments…

All I can say is goodbye HomeGauge. Seems like they may have some exposure from this one.


I use Home Gauge Web Writer. I recently switched my agreement signing management from NACHI to HG. I do not use their payment system or their scheduling or other features. Use your payment system of choice! You’re not stuck using their full set of services.

Who do you use now and who is their exclusive provider going to be?

What is the rate you pay now compared to the exclusive provider’s rate? When a software platform commits all their customers to a certain provider, there should be a discount in the published rates for that provider. For instance, Spectora partners with Stripe. Users get a slightly discounted rate compared to Stripe’s published rate.

If you want to continue to use them, by all means go ahead. I will not.

A service provider does not get to dictate who I use for merchant services. I do business outside of the clients for whom HomeGauge is used. Forcing those through HomeGauge is not an option I’m willing to consider, especially not at twice the fees.

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The exclusive provider is HomeGauge.

What is their rate?

Hey Ryan, no offense but if your interested you are welcome to spend the time to look it up. As I indicated in my OP, in all cases it far exceeds what I’m paying now. In most, it would nearly double my transaction fees. Not to mention the $0.40 per transactions fees that I don’t get charged now.

HomeGauge pricing has increased significantly over the last several years, with nothing useful to the end user in my opinion. Now they’re shutting off the payment services unless we agree to their terms at a significant expense.

I’ve had enough of them interrupting my business or dictating how I run it. I’m not here to service them.


Sounds like you are generally dissatisfied with HG. Like I said, you are not forced to use their payment system. It’s your choice. Pick what you like, decline what you do not like.

That’s just it, you don’t get to pick - but apparently you don’t get it.

It’s their payment service exclusively. No options, no choice, no picks.

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Lol, whenever someone says “no offense,” be prepared to be offended. :rofl:

Just kidding, lol. I was just curious because either you are currently getting a hell of a rate, or they are charging an obnoxious rate. Almost all of the mainstream providers are within a few decimal places of each other.

At any rate, I don’t actually care enough to look it up myself.


Lol… yeah I know…

And for me, it’s just insanity to think that they believe we’ll absorb it for the privilege of using their software. I can switch to another platform with integrated services, there’s way to many to choose from.


ISN recently tried this as well and everyone complained so they stopped… for now and will let us choose our own provider. I’m sure there are massive kickbacks involved in these things.


As others have stated you are free to use who you want for payment services. As HomeGuage stated you are free to use only their service if you want to bill through only their online system. It would be nice if they allowed you to choose but they are not preventing you from using whatever provider you want just not through their system.

Seems to me if you have invested greatly in Homeguage it is a no brainer to make the extra effort just to change that part of their services and perform it more manually if that is what it takes.

Hi Brent,
I received that same message today. I immediately called them and of course had to wait for a call back. They really have gone down hill since Russel no longer runs the company.

I love the software but am put off by it’s inability to work with QuickBooks any more, the constant price increases and now this latest attempt to hijack the payment system. They said I would still be able to use force pay for clients opening up reports but keeping my own processor would result in manually having to override their system. Their reasoning was security concerns but that sounded like BS.

I used to have them host our company websites (for years) and when they raised those rates I just switched providers which was easy enough. I even saved $ off their original fees.

Changing the software to another company is a huge ordeal though and I’m not sure what to do. I’d love to move on from them…

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I tried to find it on the HG site, couldn’t locate it.

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You can bend over for whomever or whatever you choose. I do not.

There’s nothing so special about their software that I would want to completely revamp my system and inconvenience my clients for it.

Clients like to pay online, some when they get the reports. If the service I provide does not have that convenience, they may move on. I am doing the same. HomeGauge has had a progressively negative user experience for me. Now they’re toying with my revenues, and I’m not having it.


I don’t use HomeGauge, but maybe an interesting read?

Thanks Thomas, I’ve read that one. Confirms the negative trend. it been a series of choices creating a negative experience for the inspectors using it.

If you read that thread, I had issues back then. They changed the policy and allowed an opt out. I stayed, I shouldn’t have. That was my fault. I won’t let it happen again, they’ve continued to show a complete disregard for the impact on those of us who use their software,

Their software was good, workable at least, but since the sale it’s been a real mess…

There was a link in the email, not sure where it resides on their site. Here is a cut and paste of the fees:

Rates for HomeGauge Payments

Debit card payments: 2.45% + $0.40 per authorization

Visa and Master Card credit card payments: 2.95% + $0.40 per authorization

Amex and other credit card payments: 3.09% + $0.40 per authorization

Other fees:

$30 per chargeback, $30 per retrieval, and $20 per arbitration. (These fees occur when one of your customers dispute a transaction. This is very rare in most cases.)

Please note that other processors often quote rates that do not include all the fees you must pay, such as card brand assessment fees, network fees, gateway and access fees, PCI fees, and minimum monthly fees. We don’t have any hidden fees with HomeGauge payments solutions.

We are confident you will find these rates to be difficult to match. However, if you would like us to confirm that you will save money with HomeGauge Payments (or match your current rates), please send your three most recent statements to us at support@homegauge.com and we will be in touch with more information.

Note: HomeGauge Payments integration is only available for US based customers.

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Thanks Brent.