HomeGauge user FB group

There’s been complaints that HG users that are not Nachi members have no place to go to interact. So I created a FB group for HG users. You can gohereto request membership. It’s open to all affiliations. Negativity and association wars will not be tolerated. We’ll see how it goes.

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Great idea…

Thanks Frank! Hard to believe this wasn’t thought of before.

Crazy isn’t it :slight_smile:

Thanks buddy! Great idea!


Any other FB groups you’ve started or are HI related?

This is a good one

We’re getting a lot of participation and sharing of great ideas.

I’d like to join the Facebook group, but I can’t get past “pending”. Is there something else I need to do?

Gary Hawley
Home Detectives LLC
Honolulu, HI

He has not approved you which may explain why .
Might explain also why it does not work if you need kiss up to someone to be approved and I am not saying Frank is like that but lets say he does not like you …?

He did already state what he personally will and will not tolerate.

Added just now.

Frank is not the only one involved.

How did he become MOY?

The HG face book user group has been great for me and I enjoy the topics, discussions, professionalism and members. Frank, Scott, Shancy, Bethany and others contribute daily.

Thanks Frank!!

Thank you Dave for participating in the group. It’s nothing without great members like you.

Wonder why sometimes that this group allows so much negativity. Can’t beat Internachi for what it offers though so this is my first choice for forums/ groups.

You need to check out some of the Facebook groups.

How does one get approved to join this FB group? I have used HG for 15 years so would be interested in the discussions.

I am recently looking at other groups but not being an HG user I skipped this one. I do appreciate Internachi’s forum, so much free education also. I don’t like the tone some members take but unless the forum doesn’t allow trolling it is a privilege to say what you want. A right as some members claim, not really.

I had a forum with about 3000 members and I removed the NFE part and lost the most prolific posters but it was a better forum for it. The guys who were removed didn’t take it well but it was my forum and my rules.