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I am just getting into the business and need a little help deciding which report software to use. I have looked at HomeGuage and 3D software. Any comments would be appreciated.

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Yeah…look at www.InspectIT.com and WWW.ReportHost.com

I use InspectIT as it uses Word and produces what I believe to be the coolest looking report around. Realtors love the layout, and buyers enjoy the ease by which it can be read.

As far as ReportHost, that is a cool idea, but you never own anything and you are at their mercy for connectivity, drive space, etc.

One other suggestion, InspectVUE (www.pvsoftware.com/). The great thing about this program is the over eleven-thousand preinstalled narratives!! Pricey though.

Harvey Gordon
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InspectVue does have a try it before you buy it version. Those types of offers would be best followed before sending anyone any cash.

Joe Myers

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improvements to the format. The only downtime I’ve experienced has been during pre-announced server/software upgrades and maintenance. Definitely worth a look, especially for us newer guys. For disclosure’s sake, I have no interest in ReportHost except as a client.

John Edwards

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You do own your content with ReportHost, we just keep track of it for you. You can save the web pages that have your report writing content anytime you want and cut'n paste it into any other reporting system you want. Do other systems have the ability to export your data into a form that you could transfer to another solution? Or would you be re-typing with them?

You are correct in saying that you are in some degree at our mercy for connectivity, drive space, etc. On the other hand, you are at your own mercy with software that you buy and install. I think that it is not unreasonable to assume that we have more reliability measures built into our systems than 99.99% of home inspectors have in their computer systems. Not because home inspectors are inept, but because its what we get paid for. You get paid for doing home inspections.

We back up our servers every night, we ensure that we work with top-quality service provides, we take seriously our committment to provide service nearly all the time. We are working to improve the redundancy and reliability of our systems constantly.

As John stated, we do occassionally announce and take outages for upgrades and maintenance. We've had exactly one unplanned outage in the last year and that lasted about an hour.

Sadly, most computer users do not even have the means to reliably back up thier systems, much less do a recovery if they have a system failure.

Would you (the rhetorical "you", not meaning Harvey in particular) have the ability to get a new system up and running and have preserved your content and past reports? If you can, great! How long would that take?

With ReportHost you could go to any other Internet connected computer -- your spouse's, your sister's, the one at the public library, an Internet Cafe -- and be able to write the same report as at home. (Getting your digital pictures off your camera and resized may be a bit harder, but if that happens, call us. In an emergency, we'll help you figure it out.)

We're not the solution that's best for everyone. Nobody's is. But I'd challenge anyone to claim that their desktop system (hardware and software) is more reliable.

Scott Huston
Co-founder, ReportHost.com

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Hi Scott!

Sorry, did not mean to knock your product...just stating the fact. Would not want Keith to go on my recommendation and one day need to get to the server and find that he cant...or even worse that the buyer cannot due to a Hop being down or simply lag.

I did however recommend that he atleast try it...if nothing else, it is a good way to get going while he looks further, should portability become a necesity.

The only issue I have with ReportHost is that when clients print from a website, page breaks cannot be controlled! Also, you get the browser header and footer info.

I do like the product! I think that it serves the consumer well...but I also am aware that Browser Compatibility, Network Connectivity, Portability, and Printing can be comprimised.