Spectacular Home Inspection Software

I have just switched from a home inspection software that I’ve used for over 5 years to Spectacular Home Inspection Software (http://www.spectacularhis.com/).

They are running a discount for InterNACHI members.

The software is extremely flexible, but still powerful in what you want to develop for a report. I prefer the narrative style and Aaron was able to incorporate my previous data into Spectacular very quickly.

It also allows for team sharing between inspectors and just getting the customer info from the scheduler that intakes my calls. No more double entries. Now the scheduler will fill out the in the info and forward it to me through Spectacular and save me tons of time.

It has built in abilities to add saved server it’s levels with comments. This allows automatics entry into Summary Page. In the past I had to stroke several options everytime wasting time…

The best and most thorough home inspection software for the iPad.

Inspect, generate, and deliver the report on-site without needing to return to the office to finish.

Modernize your inspection business using the best available tablet and home inspection app and subscribe to Spectacular today.

Impress your real estate agents by presenting the report preview right there at the job site and on the iPad.

Spectacular is easily the most user-friendly home inspection program on the market.

Our narratives were written by home inspectors with over 20 years experience.

Whether you’re a new home inspector fresh out of school, a multi-inspector firm, or an accomplished inspector with decades of experience, you’ll save hours per inspection using features you won’t find in any other home inspection software.

My recommendation is to call (818) 642-8726 Aaron and just ask him about it and try out the demo. Mention Bud Coburn send you.

Since you stated this my question is … are you a vendor?
In very few lines of your post you went from one software to another then you did this “We”…Ah huh!
Answer the first question. Please.
And what make it so special?
Do I here Free Ride playin’ in the background?

Pure junk.

Thanks Bud! Glad to help…

I love my haters… :wink:

Spam, packaged to look like a helpful fellow member.


So true.
But they’ll trick some of the new guys into buying it.
There’s only 3 home inspection products that have a proven track record:
Home Gauge, HIP and 3D. All the rest are just home inspectors preying on home inspector wannabes.
Sad but true.

No free riding…I was posting in a hurry and there is no link between Spectacular and myself, except I’m a new user as a home inspection tor in Oklahoma.

My jest was I’m impressed with the capabilities and service I’ve received and if your interested give them a call.

Does it work with iPhone or is it like HG and limited to Android ?

Not spam…I’m a home inspector in Oklahoma…why are you so critical?

I responded to an email last week due to my frustration with the software I have been using for over 5 years.

I just switched over to this software and I’m impressed with its capabilities and the time it’s going to save me developing reports.

My jest was if your interested to give them a call.

I’m using my iPad…not sure about Android…

I’m done defending myself for making a post yesterday.

I know what I bought and I know what service I’ll receive. If your frustrated with your present software like I was giving any software company a call might be worthwhile. My call to Spectacular was worth it to me and I see greater capabilities with my company because of some of the capabilities this software will provide.

Bud Coburn
OK Lic: 1108

Hey Bob, our IOS is out to the beta testers and so far so good. You can only say that for a couple more weeks. Hey I thought you would be at the HIP Forum?

This is the HIP Forum. The whole place is about HIP… Lol.
Are you HIP?

This is HIP. Blazing speed.

3 hour inspection report times guaranteed.

Nick? I think this guy is confused.

Yeah all the cranks and goofs go HG.
He will be back.

How much work is there with time for that .

Several times a week I get Thank You letters for great reports using HIP.
Proof is in the pudding …no not chocolate which is your favorite.:twisted:

Dream on.

Kevin’s got some good points in that video, but most of his frustration is self inflicted. I would be annoyed at every little delay if I was building video heavy reports 100% in the office. Anyone would.

www.homegauge.com has user friendly software and they are very helpful on the phone.