Homemade bidet!?!?

I got a kick out of this at yesterday’s inspection.


Did you point out that it lacks an anti-siphon device? :smiley:

Every gas stations washroom’s should have one of those installed and the attendant should be instructed on how to use them regularly…

Wash your hands.

… and it works well for washing the cat.

Do not drink the Koolaid at that house.

I picture in my mind a big fat woman who rarely shaves. Yuck!

Thanks for putting that picture in all our minds, Joe.

Joe, women like that are underrated. Ever gotten your car really stuck in the mud?

That was cold.

Funny as hell but cold

Kind of sorry I pushed the “submit” button. I might think that kind of thing sometimes, but I wouldn’t normally say or post it. It was the end of a long day and bad judgement on my part. Sorry. In fact I’m going to edit it right out of there. Rats! too late.

Was it COLD water?
I expect we’ll see an official version of this on the market in due time.