The hot seat

I dont know what to say :shock:




They are out of toilet paper

That is perfect now the HVAC technician can sit on the crapper while working on the unit. LOL

Well… technically… ya got’s over 18" to the side… (or for Kevin 22")… wassa’ problem???

:);)Well, the maintenance man dose not have to leave the room when nature calls.

Do you just like being an a s s or does it come natural Jeffrey?

Did not have to say anything! Pic did the saying.

No Pun ntened But would love the verbage on this one LOL!!!

Because of the explosive power of methane, I recommend the crapper be removed from the furnace room or the furnace room be removed from the crapper room This is a very expensive job and requires a certified plumber and Hvac technician to work together on the project. Since this is next to impossible to do you are just s h i t out of luck. LOL

Perfect Keven, Its amazing on how many times that we dont have a narratives for a situation/ or an answer. !!!


Would you mind me using those pics for a Power Point presentation?

Sure, Power point away!