Something new I've not seen before


Pretty cool, Walt.

I hope all is well in the U.P. :grinning:

It is. Don’t have to run central air units yet as it’s rarely gotten above 60.

Personal water fountain… water nice and cold up there too!

So, you reported the out-of-date avocado green sink, of course.

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Is that a bidet?

So that’s where the bidet was installed! :joy:

I believe that’s called an Oral Bidet. Popular in monasteries, chemical plants, and french houses of ill repute. These bidets allowed one to cleans the pallet without having to actually touch anything thus reducing any form of cross-contamination.

Somebody seems to know an awful lot about what is being call an oral bidet. :flushed:

A joke for those that need to be told. :crazy_face:

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Oral bidet…who would have thought. They were quite popular in this particular home for some reason.Andrea%20Spain%20414

Funny looking faucet.
Although the water flow is functional, the stream is like when I has a swollen prostate Lol.

Walt. No GFCI receptacle buddy.

Yes, the flow is deliberately restricted. yes, no GFCI but was grounded. Home was built in the 70s.

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The water flow for the bathroom sink was/is functional for the bathroom sink.
*Note: It would not be the flow one expects from a bathtub faucet or eve a bedette.
Observation: Bathroom sink. 45° faucet operational. Functional water flow.
No adverse conditions observed the day of the inspection, unless adverse conditions were observed the day of the inspection. List the material and condition of attached plumbing supply and drainage pipes.
Recommendations: No at the time.
Limitations. Concealed plumbing. Tub, Snk overflows, Water Heater Relief Valves TPR. Water Supply Shut Off Valves. Sanitary / Gray Water Back Flow Valves. …You get the idea.

Agree. Would only be an issue if it was NOT restricted to prevent undue force which causes overshooting the sink bowl rim.

Sorry folks, but you wouldn’t catch me putting my mouth anywhere near that phallic obscenity.

understood. :rofl:

Perhaps I should have used the tags. Lol