Homeowner special....defect or just informational?

I have seen these a lot…I used to see them in the Phoenix area utilized for supplying water to the swampers…this one has been tapped for the ice maker…do you guys generally write this up as a defect or something to keep an eye on? I have never seen one that wasn’t leaking…but this one looks fairly new…my bro n law says he didn’t do it :wink: I’m not sure I believe him…


Hi to all,

Tony, like yourself I have never seen one that didn’t leak at some point, personally I loath the things, I would write it up as an area for monitoring in future.



If it is not leaking when I inspect it then I do not write it up. I have not seen a piping system yet that will not leak. If you do not believe me, open the yellow pages to plumbers.:wink:

If its not leaking I don’t report. I may give a verbal to the client and explain what it feeds but that’s it.
I have two of these valve one is about 18 years old, feed the whole house humidifier, was turned of 5 years age, never leaked. The other I installed for the ice maker 5 years ago, never leaked.


I’ve installed a bunch of those things going to furnace mounted humidifiers. The saddle valve comes with the humidifier usually. I wouldn’t call it a problem, just monitor. They dont usually leak if you make sure the packing on the stem is tight and clean the surface of the pipe well before tightening it down.

The saddle valve will leak, just when. Although if it is not leaking now, it needs to be monitored, not a best practice, but should recommend to budget for future replacement.


I would advise that it be monitored, I have worked in commercial buildings where these were installed, and over time they can cause problems. I will not use them in my home.


When I see them, I report that they should be monitored. I often see what appears to be galvanic corrosion on them.