refrigeration line ? I have not seen one run like this before, goes from under the sink threw the cabinets to the frig. No water dispenser on frig.

I thought it was a grounding line to start with.

1432 coteau st 039.JPG

1432 coteau st 039.JPG

Ice maker.

Or for an ice maker that was in the previous fridge…

after market add on. older home built with out an ice dipensor at the refer. and now has been upgraded without having to remove the cabinetry probably by a weekend warrior

It 'll be a bonus, as the current fridge is not staying.

Saddle valves as they are called should not be used as they will start leaking over time.
See them all the time and you will especially see them used tapping above the water heater for humidifiers.

Saddle valves are self piercing and have a tendency to slightly deform the soft metal copper line as they push in.
The only reason they do not leak is because of the rubber gasket .
The self drill pin often breaks off when inserting causing flow issues.

the other type is more solid and made for Galv pipe that includes pre-drilling with a small bit as a separate operation but those are not much better as we all know what happens to Galv pipe over time and the corrosion will seal the hole over time when using that method.

I would actually rather see a 2 way shutoff over that method and when people bang into that 1/4 inch line they can displace the saddle causing a leak that way also.

I am not surprised to see leaking at the hot water drain side.
They should stick with metal or plastic drain pipes as that 1/1/2 inch pipe connection between the two seems to be leaking often where the metal and plastic meet.(see streaking in pic)

thanks Bob
that was an Awsome bit of info, muchly appreciated.

I sometimes get long winded.