Homeowner's Newsletter Update

Alright, folks!

The next step in the Homeowner’s Newsletter is here.

Here are the changes I’ve made:

  • You can manage your subscribers at http://www.nachi.org/manage-newsletter/
  • Now the email uses your company name, not your personal name.
  • Your website is now linked prominently with your company name in the first line of the newsletter.
  • You can choose, via your InterNACHI profile, whether the newsletter will use your ID photo or your company logo.

Here is my plan for the immediate future:

  • A complete redesign of the newsletters. Input from you guys leads me to believe the newsletter will be more effective if we include less text and more links instead.

In addition, we aren’t selling any subscriber lists… :slight_smile:

Keep sending your suggestions to tim@internachi.org. Let me know what you think!

From the hills of northern South Korea, where I’m on a working vacation!

  • Tim

Wow! Nice work Tim.

Yikes ,can you see the missiles or is that Gangnum style guy in the way ? lol

Seriously if you are there ask about the “Trick eye” museum.

I’m praying that Tim gets out of there safely. He goes to Taiwan in 5 days and I’m counting them down for him backwards.

Thanks Tim. Very much appreciated and yes, please stay safe!


Hahaha thanks for the good wishes. Helicopters are flying over us every half-hour, but I’m pretty sure it’s all political posturing. People seem unconcerned here!

Thanks Tim!

Looks like it would be fun there.

Funny. I’ve actually walked by that Taco Bell in Hongdae, but I didn’t go to the museum yet! We’re staying in Itaewon tonight, and plan on going to Gangnam tomorrow, but hey. Seoul is a crazy international city! More fun than Frisco.

Thanks for all of the hard work Tim. Stay safe.