Latest Real Estate Newsletter

The latest real estate newsletter is scheduled to start mailing today, August 10th around 2:00 PM. Members can visit the NACHI Real Estate Newsletter page to view messages in their queue. Please note that this message has been finalized–any changes you make to your mailing lists will be reflected in the next newsletter (not this one).

Because of reports in the past of incorrect information being included in our newsletter we’ve been giving members a little while to look over the messages that are going out and double-check that everything’s OK. There haven’t been any bugs reported in the past few newsletters, so we’ve shortened this time to just half a day. Please do take a look at your queue to make sure everything is correct.


A preview of the newsletter can be seen here:

Hey Chris,

Is this sentence correct?

“You should add the following link to on your real estate website.”

“link to on your”?

Thanks for that, Will. Fixing right now.

The latest newsletter has started mailing. It will probably take about 3 days to send all 205,000+ messages. I’ll let everyone know when it’s done.

Update: About 23,000 messages have been sent. That’s a rate of a little over 10,000 an hour. Which means the whole process should go somewhat faster than I initially suggested. Things will start slowing down around 5-5:30 when the server starts handling a higher load of visitors (everyone getting back from work and checking in on the site), but we should still see the whole thing sent in under 2 days.


Update: About 193,000 messages have gone out. Almost there.

Update: The newsletter has finished sending.

Hey Chris,

I received my personal copy of the e-newsletter. It looks pretty good. When I send out monthly e-newletters with “Homehints” I’m able to review the click/view statistics after it is sent. On 18,000 address’s I normally receive about 3000 views and about 300 clicks. The bulk of that comes within the first 48 hours of the send. Can you tell us the click/view stats you’ve received on the 200,000 address’s for your current e-newsletter send? I’m very interested since my account represents about 9% of your entire distribution.


Great work - thanks from my puny 2500 addresses!

Will, we haven’t yet set up a tracking system, though sometime soon we may. I’ll certainly make the information available to everyone when we do.