I started my classes this past weekend. I didn’t think I would ever like school, but I am really enjoying the classes. Anyway, for homework I had to inspect a roof, so I did my neighbors.

I see black streaks on the roof. I think it is algae/mold? I did a search on google but the answers seem unreliable since many who have an answer are selling a product or service to clean your roof. So, I am turning to the professionals. Is it detrimental to the roof? How would you report or advise your client?

Picture attatched

Mold/Mildew usually grows on the cooler side of the roof(north in this hemosphere). Is it the north?


Would help also to have a pic of more of the roof for perspective. Hard to tell a lot from the close up. Rule of thumb for pics - one farther away, one close up.

I can’t really tell from the picture, do you have one showing more of the roof?

It could be staining, but from what I can see, that looks more like wear that you would see from walking on the roof on a really hot day to me. I’ve seen where the roofers were getting off the roof, because they were causing damage to the shingles. Usually when I’ve seen some sort of growth on the roof it’s either in “streaks” or covers a large area. I could very well be wrong though. Like I said, can’t tell from such a small area.

Mike , those are just worn out granules.
Report as missing some of the uv protective covering, a normal sign of aging.
Unless it is new and mechanically scraped off.

Or the HI trying to keep from sliding off the roof when he slipped…:mrgreen:

I had a picture with more of the roof but the forum will not allow me to post because it is too big. I am not sure how to change the size to make it fit. It is on the North side of the upper roof and the West side of the lower roof. I did go out and look at it again and it is not as noticeable from the ground as it is from the roof.

Michael, try http://www.resize2mail.com/ to resize your picture.

You can also try http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloads/powertoys/xppowertoys.mspx

Shush…:mrgreen:, no one is supposed to know about that…

I agree. Standard wear and tear. . .

With trying to help with the picture resizing I forgot to note that I too believe it is normal wear and tear.

Hey thanks a bunch guys. You don’t mind if I tell my instructor I did this with no help, do you?:roll: Just Kidding!! As for the picture sizing, I had the camera set for super high quality. That makes it like 1600 x 1200 and about 435kb. I will adjust it to a lower setting and that should work. But, I saved those links Tab.

Thanks for all your help

Michael, Another clue to point to missing granules is look in the gutters, usually some of the granules will remain there unless the neighbor flushes his out now & then.