Weird "clean spots"

I’ve ran into this a few times and want to say that this might be hail damage but not 100% sure. Its only on the front side of the roof, the back side looks normal. There are not any depressions or dents like I would expect to see from hail.

Buyer mentioned it that seller told him it was a 50 yr roof.

This is in Kingsville, TX about 45 minutes away from Corpus Christi. We don’t see too much hail.

Any ideas?


Do you have pictures?

It looks like algae/fungus that has been washed off, or still growing, can’t tell from here. It’s definitely not hail damage.

Something inhibiting algae growth in the spots. It’s interesting how some of the marks have sharp lines at the edges of the laminates, which I wouldn’t expect if it were a liquid splash, unless it occurred during the manufacturing process. May be algae/mildew inhibitor during manufacturing. Based on the way it’s limited to only a portion of the front roof plane and how part of it runs up the valley, I’m inclined to think it occurred during manufacturing and only involved some bundles, but that’s purely conjecture. I would just describe what I see and whether I could see any evidence of physical damage or granular loss.

You do know that there are no 50 or even 30 year asphalt composition roofs in Texas right? Remember, the manufacturer warrants the roof to be free of manufacturing defects for the warranty period. They don’t warrant them to actually last that long.

Roofing (Most Areas)

  • Moss and lichen growth staining present on multiple surface areas of the roof.
  • Wear, staining and aggregate loss noted on surface areas of the roof.
    - Recommend obtaining roof replacement estimations, at this time, due to the Home Owner disclosed age of the roof (50 years).

I think he meant the shingles have a 50 yr warranty. Those are not 50 years old. I do agree with your assessment of a different kind of algae growth on them. Does not look like missing algae…quite the opposite.

Just a guess:

Only on the front? Does the front of the home face the Gulf?
Could it be staining from salt in the air?


The color of the light areas is very much like the unstained color of the roof area under the eave in the second photo. If you zoom in on the light areas a full resolution, they look pretty clean and bright. It’s not lichen growth.

Is the house near an airport or an airbase?

Hail can be of different densities, it’s not always hard. Low-density hailstones are kinda like slush balls and can remove, dust, dirt, oxidation, and some types of biological growth.
That said, the way it’s concentrated in one part of the roof does not look like hail damage. I don’t know, but I’d like to .

Thanks for the answers guys. I’ll try and answer everyone here.

Chuck, Im very aware that we don’t have 30 or 50 yr roofs in Texas. I even called BS and told the buyer that was for manufacturer warranty and if the roof was installed improperly that won’t be covered. Same for damage physical or chemical. Our insurers down here like to try and make you change the roof way earlier than you have too because of the hot humid temperatures. I generally recommend an windstorm engineer to come out and re-certify if they want.

Joseph, the roof age wasnt 50 yrs but the supposed life expectancy

Douglas, the house does not face towards the gulf. There is a small salt water bay within 10 miles. The actual gulf is 30+ miles away. I live closer and would expect to see this more often than the 3 times I have. Same with the salt in the air.

Russell, the house is about a half mile from NAS Kingsville. Mainly a flight training base for the Navy.