Honeywell burner controller

On a gas water heater, what makes or how does the sensor blink?

How many flashes?

No issues , just wondering what makes it flash. How does it work? Usually there is , solar, electric, batteries to make things work…

Are you sure there wasn’t a power vent?

That is my thought, too, Kevin. I have one in my house.

Found it. Learn something new everyday. :+1:

The Honeywell control unit is powered by a 750 mv thermopile generator which is replaceable should it ever go bad.

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Wow, thank you Kevin, I will look into this…

No electricity is needed…

Thermocouples operate by measuring the temperature differential from their junction point to the point in which the thermocouple output voltage is measured. Once a closed circuit is made up of more than one metal and there is a difference in temperature between junctions and points of transition from one metal to another, a current is produced as if generated by a difference of potential between the hot and cold junction.[2

You’re welcome Mark.

Thanks for asking, because I learned something new too. :+1: