Honoring NY State license

Hi Guys,
Can anyone tell me if Pennsylvania and New Jersey
have reciprocal agreements with New York State
honoring respective licenses? I live in the tri state area
bordering both NJ and PA. and would like to do business
in the neighboring towns of PA. and N.J

At the present time I don’t think so.
The only true way of knowing it to contact each state and get the word from the state directly, do not rely on second hand info. Just my opinion !!!
Len Ungar L I Nachi Chapter Pres. ]

If you’ve done 100 inspections and belong to NACHI, you are good to go in PA, providing you have E&O and are licensed to perform radon and termite inspection in that state.

NY does not reciprocate with PA at this time.

NJ does not reciprocate with NY, and NJ inspectors need to apply for licenses in NY. Dont hold your breath waiting for NJ to do anything.

PA does not have licensing, only regulation.