Pennsylvania 100 Inspections

Does anyone have any experience with obligating the 100 required inspections if already being a licensed NYS inspector?

Meaning I have done more than 100 inspection in NYS, will InterNACHI accept my list of 100 from NYS towards that 100 for my PA license?

Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to offer.

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No info on NY/PA reciprocation, but someone will be along soon to assist you.


It has nothing to do with InterNACHI. The state of Pennsylvania has made the license requirements. You should ask them.

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Thank you for your reply Robert.

I have done my research, PA does not have a governing body in regards to home inspectors. It is stated that a person be in good standing with a national association (such as InterNACHI) and abide by a code of ethics. The 100 inspections is an InterNACHI requirement, not a PA requirement. I emailed InterNACHI but haven’t received a response. Just thought I’d ask to see if anyone else had a situation similar to my own.

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You may want to reach out to Nick for clarification. He posted this not long ago.


Exactly. Your profile says you are a CPI so you are a bonafide member of a national organization in good standing. Nothing else is required from INACHI. Next.

James, that is not accurate. It is an outdated PA law that actually requires that the association that your a member of does not give you “full membership” unless you have completed 100 inspections. It must have been a way to force an inspector to join ASHI. You are a full member of Nachi once you pass NACHI’s certification exam.

In my opinion, you cannot legally comply with every component of the PA requirement without violating another part of it.

The spirit of the law suggests that only an experienced inspector that is a member in good standing with a national Home Inspection association may perform inspections in PA. But that is just my opinion. :wink: :wink:

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