Hope for Pre Listing Inspections

Attached is an excerpt from this weeks Charlotte Observer’s Home section. The article highlight one of the top real estate agents in the area. Just in case you can’t read the scan, She works for one of the largest firms in the area and is ranked number 5 out of 1400 agents in number of sales. One of her recommendation is getting an inspection prior to listing.

I read that article too. She reminded me of the agent I had when I bought my first house at 27.

The problem with prelisting inspections is still getting the inspectors to learn that they need to do a thorough job to prevent it looking like a waste of money later. I had a seller the other week that “thought” he had his house inspected a few months before I showed up to do one for a buyer.

Pre-sale inspections can be understood by agents and buyers as a way to pass-off liability to the inspector who did the pre-sale inspection, and some agents use it as a “tool” or “warranty”. Careful.