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I went to do an Appraisal on a home this morning. On the way back I noticed a home with the typical Realtors sign in the yard, except it had a Lenders sign under it advertising their services.

This got me to thinking. Is there a way we can offer our services through a Realtor maybe by doing a pre-listing inspection and then have our sign in the yard too?

Could this somehow be tied in with a home warranty program for the new owner?

Have not thought this through but seems like there is a good marketing idea in there somewhere.

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Hi Jeff,

In Georgia your idea would be covering old ground.

There is a very small market of pre-listing inspections. An even smaller portion are paid for by the listing agent. This leaves the seller to pick up the inspection cost.

I have inspected homes for buyers who also had me inspect the home they were selling as a pre-listing inspection. I did this at a discounted rate.

Pre-listing inspection can be used by the buyer as a very good marketing tool

If you can make this work for your business then do it.

Marketing is a combination of numerous techniques and programs. Each will generate some business at some time if continued long enough. There is no "silver bullet".

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