Horizontal tail pieces and p-traps under kitchen sinks

I have a question that I haven’t been able to find the answer to. Pictured is a double kitchen sink with a garbage disposal attached. My question is in regards to the horizontal tailpiece on the right. It appears that after the tailpiece makes it’s 90 degree bend that it takes and upward slope before meeting up with the disposal discharge upstream of the p-trap. I realize that the slope after the p-trap should be 1/4" downhill per foot, but doesn’t it matter upstream of the p-trap? Thanks.

It should all slope downward…

Easy fix no biggy.

Hey Kenny hows about quit using the word FIX that is what they do to cats and dogs hows about we repair the plumbing

You are right but I still won’t repair it as its not broken but we could re-install it correctly. :mrgreen:

You guys are funny:) or reconfigure :wink:

You’re honestly gonna report that 1/8th bubble off on that short run?

OooKay! :roll:

Did you look in that basin, it’s placement is trying to tell me something?